Iodine: Miracle Mineral

Posted by myhealthexperts on January 13, 2008

 Iodine: Pass (on)the Salt Please!

 Dr. Majid Ali, who hosts Science,. Health and Healing radio show every Monday and Tuesday on is literally a classroom on the air. Dr. Ali is the first doctor I recommend when clients ask me for such:

Here are my Iodine Crib Notes: (from one of his shows):

Iodine acts as an:

-Anti-inflammatory (the newest theory with allot of scientific evidence on most disease states is that inflammation is the KEY!)
-Detoxifying agent (pulls out toxic mercury, chlorine, bromide and fluoride)
-Reduces carcinogenic effects of chlorine (found in water and swimming pools)
-Anti-diabetic (via Thyroid Function)
– Immune system enhancer via Immune Cell formation and it helps form cytokines (agents that are involved in inflammation/immune response)

Back in 1894 (before big pharmaceutical companies controlled medicine) an article was published in the journal Lancet showing that iodine was useful to treat breast cancer.

Dr. Brownstein specializes in thyroid issues (energy, weight loss or gain) and tests his patients and found that over 95% of them were deficient in iodine. Many of his patients have seen 3,4 or more specialists (endocrinologists) who cannot figure out their health issues, specifically the thyroid. His research has yielded a totally different approach than most doctors use to test and treat the thyroid.

He mentions that the USRDA is totally erroneous for health, it only is the amount to prevent disease (here iodine deficiency will lead to goiter). He states that he had been taught in Medical School that there is enough iodine in salt to keep us healthy, and that supplementing with iodine is dangerous. He has discovered in his research that this is totally wrong, that there is no science to support this, and that treating patients with 100’s of times the USRDA (mg levels versus micro gram levels), mostly because most are deficient and the toxicity of our modern environment has made iodine needs increase, not decrease. Most adults need between 6-15 mg per day. That dose is many more times the RDA!!

And they find it works amazingly well. We need the 2 forms – iodine and iodide (iodine is the element and has 1 extra electron). Thyroid binds iodide, breast tissue bind to iodine. Lugol solution has both and they recommend this.

Iodine is an element in a family of elements called Halogens. Other halogens are bromide, chloride, and fluoride. Iodine is the only one we need, the others are toxic to us. Yet often our bodies are full of them since we get bromide from food(it’s added to baked goods), fluoride from toothpaste and water, and chloride from water as well. These agents replace iodine in our cells, making our bodies even more toxic, and depleted in this element. Dr. Bernstein has found that when he gives his patients 50 mg a day of iodine and tests before and after – he finds most ALL his patients are excreting in the urine toxic amounts of bromide and fluoride. Breast cancer patients have TWICE as much bromide than the rest of the people he tests.

He goes on to say that Table Salt does NOT give enough iodide, since chlorine and ferrous cyanide are used to bleach the salt, often binding the iodide and making it useless – in fact only 10% of iodide in salt is even bioavailable, but these agents reduce that amount even more. Therefore he recommends patients supplement with iodine. (again, a mix of iodine and iodide is best)

Bottom Line: If this interests you, let me know and I can point you to doctors who can work on this with you. After hearing this show, I am going to buy an Iodine Supplement (Lugol Solution), one with iodide and iodine, and for 90 days take 50 mg. per day. This; according to these doctors, is safe and non-toxic. From what I heard, if I get flu like symptoms, (a sign the iodine is pulling out allot of toxins like bromide) – I will back off the dose. Best thing is to get an ‘iodine challenge’ to measure levels of iodine in the body. Then you can see how much you need. But in general all of us need more iodine.Also – reduce exposure to toxic fluoride (toothpaste), chloride (tap water) and bromide (baked goods like breads). This is a big step too!

Read more here:


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