A Day in the Life of Ginger

Posted by myhealthexperts on January 22, 2008

I was feeling a little under the weather one day. (I never get ‘sick’ but do
occasionally catch colds and flu’s – its just that since I took charge of my
health the impact these infections have on me is minimal! This is quite a change
from someone who used to be bedridden at least twice a year and had
allergies/bronchitis every spring as well!)

So when I feel I am catching a cold I load up on items that can help my immune
system work at its best. Normally I might take some colloidal silver,
Echinacea/goldenseal, and extra vitamin C. But all I had around was some organic
ginger. So all day I added ginger to whatever I ate and drank. And she was
keeping me out of bed and productive all day.

Ginger is caliente! (hot and spicy).  She is truly a miracle spice – acting as
an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. In this regard she works to aid
digestion, relieve nausea, heal ulcers, support cardiovascular health, reduce
pain and inflammation, and speed recovery from colds and flu.

My ginger orgy started off when I had my morning green tea. I boiled grated
ginger in the water and filtered the shreds as i poured the water into the cup.
Again don’t boil the ginger too long nor pour boiling water on the tea as heat
destroys nutrients.

After 20 minutes or so I make my morning smoothie. I upgraded my blender to
industrial strength since I plan on using it more and making larger quantities
of smoothies (something you might want to consider as you ease into the smoothie
lifestyle!) You know the deal here, lots of raw goodies:

•   1 head of Kale (great for balancing estrogen levels in both men and women!)
•   1 cup blueberries
•   1 handful parsley
•   2 tablespoons flax seed ground up
•   2 tablespoons organic rice protein (I like to rotate my protein sources –
whey one day, rice, and hemp etc)
•   12 oz water
•   1 tablespoon raw honey (also good when you are immune compromised, but be
careful as sugars can suppress the immune system. So only use honey with a
meal/smoothie or for a post-workout shake)
•   1 tablespoon lecithin
•   Ginger (I added the shredded ginger to my smoothie.)

After I train my morning clients, I came back home and made some more green tea,
again boiling the water with ginger. This time I take the shreds and add them to
my egg white omelet:

•   5 egg whites (don’t cook the yolk as you destroy its benefits, I eat organic
yolks raw (in a cup with a little cinnamon –taste great!)
•   handful of basil leaves
•   handful of cilantro
•   ½ cup of frozen organic broccoli
•   Ginger!
•   ½ cup of organic salsa with a teaspoon of curry added in (curry everything-
remember!). Add the salsa at the end just before serving the omelet.

I cook the omelet in a low heat stainless steel pan (Teflon will kill you). All
my food now is cooked as low heat as I can tolerate to both prevent nutrient
loss but also to inhibit cross linking of proteins. When you cook protein it
forms ‘wrinkles’ in the food that lead those same proteins when eaten to form
‘wrinkles’ on your skin and in other tissue like your heart.  You can see these
altered proteins – the brown crispy parts of the egg are those glycated or
wrinkled proteins. Brown and tough sections of chicken or well done meat (dark,
crispy) are the same thing.

For dinner I had some brown rice and chicken. Again I added some fresh ginger to
the rice, cooked the chicken in garlic, ginger and coconut oil, and added frozen
broccoli to the rice at the end (just long enough for it to soften up but not
get soggy).

My dessert was green tea and ginger ice cream. What a treat: a true fat burning
ice cream! (Green tea is clinically proven to help burn fat). All I added to the
mix was:
2 cups green tea with ginger shreds (filtered out)
½ packet of Fat Free, Sugar Free Jell-O Pudding Mix
4 teaspoons almond butter
2 cups ice
2 tablespoons flax seed (ground)

Put it in the ice cream maker and wow! What a treat! And it has no sugar, is
extremely low fat and can help your body burn fat. Now we’re talking! Normally I
would not use items with artificial sweeteners, but I made this dessert for my
clients who are overweight and for whom losing weight is the first priority.

I woke up the next day and was feeling much better – thanks to ginger!


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