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How to Change Everything – By Doing Nothing!

Posted by myhealthexperts on March 31, 2008

The Master acts without doing anything
and teaches without saying anything…
He has but does not possess
Acts but does not expect

Imagine that, being able to change everything you desire, by doing absolutely nothing! This harkens back to those who espouse laziness as a way of life. and at first thought many will think doing nothing implies a life of laziness. After all, doing anything it seems must entail a struggle against those forces opposed to our success. Only by emerging victorious over those who stand in our way can we attain anything.

Some key differences:

– doing nothing is anything but lazy, in fact its quote the opposite. It takes an awful lot of hard work to do nothing. Trust me – wait until you try. Only the most disciplined can truly do nothing successfully.

– those who struggle & fight to attain all they have, often at the expense of hurting other humans – what do they have? It seems after each victory or accomplishment, they are left with “…and then what?”, They never seem truly satisfied, or happy, after all, it seems most people are in never ending struggles to get one thing after another. Even those with everything appear no different – they are still as miserable as the rest.  Does something seem not right here?

How is nothing the key to everything? Good question grasshopper.  First off there is the notion of the emptyness (aka ‘nothingness’) inside all of us that cries out for fulfillment. And we fill the emptyness in all sorts of ways, all of them bringing us both pleasure and pain along the way. This nothingness inside us creates pain and suffering for a certain part of our minds – and this is what drives us to escape ourselves and the nothingness inside. Ironically its the nothingness that holds the key to everythingSo do you want to lose weight, stop drinking, smoking or any other of the countless addictions we humans use to fill the emptyness inside? Start by doing nothing when the urge to act on the addiction surges through your blood.  This may be practically impossible for most people to do, so lets discuss some simple steps towards this goal.  One easy technique I teach my clients is to focus on their breath.  There are a number of techniques that you can use:1) Inhale slowly but delibertely, for a count of 4. Hold the breath for a count of 3-4 and then slowly exhale for a count of 6-7.  The count does not have to be 1 second each, just whatever pace you choose to count on.  The slower the better.2) Inhale and hold your breath for a long pause – and in that pause, focus your attention on clearing your mind – in fact don’t even think about clearing your mind, just focus on the breath again and it will take you much closer to clearing your mind than if you actively tried to clear your mind.

3) Start off this technique with a deep exhale, forcibly clear the extra air from the bottom of your lungs.  this will automatically allow your inhale to be more pronounced as your empty lungs have more capacity to take in extra air.


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Are You Dead or Alive?

Posted by myhealthexperts on March 31, 2008

Are You Dead or Alive?
Last Sunday was the most important day of the year for Christians who celebrate their belief that Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified & buried. According to them, he died so that they might live an eternal life with God. And, it’s reported, he rose from the dead to prove to them that they too can rise up after their death in life everlasting.
Jesus is often referred to as the ‘Light of the World’ (our very first notions of God were in fact derived from the sunlight). Light is seen as ‘good’ as opposed to darkness which is ‘bad’.

Do you realize the ‘Gravity’ of the situation?

In physics, light is an expansive force – it goes out in all directions. Both the Big Bang, and the Biblical “Let there be Light” refer to the same expansive force of light. Gravity is the opposite, it pulls everything together. As such it can be seen as the opposite of light – it is, ‘self-centered’, contractive, or even ‘dark’. (In fact ‘Dark Matter’ is what makes up most of the matter in the universe).So it’s little coincidence that Christians see human nature as inherently bad, or even ‘evil’. After all, like gravity, we too are self-centered. Indeed, the word ‘grave’ means both where we place the dead, but also ‘dark’. Jesus came out of the grave.Born-Again, And Again, And Again:

Easter is about the cycle of life and death. It’s once again, no coincidence that Easter marks the start of Spring – the dead of winter is over and the world can once again spring to life! That which is dead now lives, and can be referred to as ‘born-again’. Christians often refer to themselves as ‘born-again’ – to symbolize the belief that they are born of the spirit. I am an atheist (the word ‘God’ is like ‘Easter Bunny for Adults’ to me), but the words of the great cool dude Jesus are worth mentioning:

“Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot (SEE) that (which is beyond words)… The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit”

 So it can be said that until or unless one lives from that eternal source of inspiration, they are in essence dead, at least spiritually. Ironically most who claim to be born-again are anything but. Our president is one such example. Being born-again is a moment to moment choice. It’s not a one-time declaration or a baptism. It’s living in the eternal wow! that’s happening now, and now and so on. Living every moment through inspiration, literally being ‘born-again, and again, and again…’

I Robot, I Pod, I’m Dead? So are you dead or alive? My guess is dead. Let’s look at this:Science, and Hollywood also reflect our fascination with life and death. I won’t go into the tangent of how medicine profits off making you deathly sick and then profits even more keeping you amped out on life-support systems long after you’re dead. But those ‘prophets’ of health sure are profitable!

In the movie “I Robot” Will Smith deals with robots that are for all intents and purposes, alive. They are fully functioning individuals. Is a robot dead or alive? I think most would say robots, like computers, are dead – non-living things. The major difference between dead and alive is really one of semantics: life is any creature (robot) created by evolution, dead is any robot (creature) created by humans. But since humans are from evolution, so too is whatever they create! So in essence, robots can be just as alive as humans are. Or humans are just as dead as robots. Take your pick!

In the Matrix (that modern day story of Jesus played by Keanu Reeves) people were in fact ‘ I Pods’ – wrapped up in little pods while the supposedly ‘dead’ robots & machines fed of them by sucking the very life juices out of their bodies. The people were asleep, virtually dead to life but living in the virtual world of the illusory Matrix.

Take a deep breath because it gets even more interesting:

Science shows us that all life (including you) is extremely mechanistic (aka ‘robotic’). While they have not as yet created life, the mechanisms are well understood, and artificial intelligence “AI” makes leaps and bounds in its ability to think like humans do. Robots currently can function at the level of insects in that they can respond to the environment in much the same way. And AI computers can beat the best chess players at their game. Just like the deeper we probe into the atom the more empty space we find, the deeper we probe into the human mind, the more empty space we find as well. The truth is there is no one at home. The notion of ‘self’ and ‘free will’ evaporate like cool aid in the hot desert sun.

So once again, science and spirit are aligned, not opposed at the theologians and scientists tell you. In a mechanistic universe, human nature, that complex array of genetic and epigenetic algorithms, is like a highly developed ‘AI’ at best. And dark , dead humans are easy to figure out. So Thomas Malthus and Revelation are probably right, and we have front row seats for Armageddon! No, it’s not the movie starring Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck!

So spiritually we’re dead, and in a scientific sense we are biological robots and hence, dead as well.

Call 911: I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

So now that you’re dead, how do you wake up? How to come alive? And what the hell does this have to do with working out and eating healthy? It has everything to do with everything.I realize after talking with some of my clients, that many could read the words of the ‘ABC’ Program I discussed last week, but they did not get it. I am trying to share an understanding that goes beyond words, but it’s tough because words are all we have currently.Jesus, like Buddha and Lao-Tzu were a few human beings that were truly alive. But as expected on the planet of the apes; we made them into Gods – an insult to what they lived for. Blasphemy even. But what do you expect from dead robotic apes? lol

Inspiration: To Breathe In

(Interesting how the word inspiration means both to breathe in and to be ‘in spirit’. Also note that scientifically proven is the fact that with each breath you literally can share some of the same atoms that were once part of the body of Jesus or the Buddha) What can we do now to wake up and be truly alive? Start by becoming aware of your breath. I have told some clients “with every breath, life or death?” – meaning with each breath we get to choose – are we dead (normal) or alive (awake and present fully in the now)? It’s a small start, so don’t expect to walk on water yet! But baby steps are the best most of us ‘children’ can aspire to now!We all have some form of addiction – sex, food, running, working out, alcohol, cigarettes, working, sleeping – to be human is to have addictions.

The next time you indulge, and its ok, don’t feel you have to stop. Just feel. Feel into your body as you indulge – listen for the innate intelligence inside you as you allow the energy of this addictive substance to penetrate your being.It may surprise you what becomes apparent for you to see when you do…

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Bear Stearns, Cancer and You

Posted by myhealthexperts on March 30, 2008

Last Week New York was Green, Black and Red! Green on 5th ave as the Irish marched in the St. Paddy’s Day Parade.  Black in Albany as the first Black Governer was sworn in (he is also blind – hopefully a powerful symbol of his ability to truly see how to be a leader of character).  Wall St. was red as the collapse of Bear Stearns had investors sweating blood as their stocks sank.

Last week one of my clients told me everyones worst fear – a friend of his had a small backache and went to the doctor only to discover he had cancer all over his body. He died in a matter of months. Its a scary story and one many of us fear – that undiagnosed, asymptomatic tragedy that takes away everything, including our life.

The Bear Stearns debacle also seemed to happen in a vacuum, as if no one really saw it coming. And once again, when the shock hit the fan, the company literally died in a matter of days.  Employees lost everything, pensions, jobs, savings, etc. The Bear Stearns tragedy brought opportunity to another bank, and Morgan Stanley wasted no time jumping in for the kill! 

A recent quote by a Bear Stearns employee said to the effect of “I can’t believe this much greed runs Wall Street…”.

Hello? Are people really that clueless? Is there really no Santa Claus?

This is a great example of human nature – the same nature that currently runs you too. Have you ever wondered why there were so many stupid people? Or felt that people in general were idiots? Yet, magically, we always exclude ourselves from that cohort known as ‘people’ (“I’m not that stupid, just sometimes…” lol) The sooner we realize how absurd humaan nature often is, the easier it is to humble ourselves to higher learning. Because, you can’t learn what you already know. Get it?

The truth is that neither the Bear Stearns collapes, nor the people dying from cancer in a matter of months, really happens in a vacuum. We just choose to ignore the truth in our lives, until it becomes too painful (and too late).  My clients friend was a long time smoker, and he didn’t really take care of his health.  So too, the signs of the banking system being cancerous was obvious to anyone who dared to look at the issue honestly.

Stay awake, be aware of yourself as you move through life and you can avoid much of the pains of being asleep!

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Happiness & Freedom is as easy as ‘ABC’…

Posted by myhealthexperts on March 16, 2008

Bottom Line: Be fully present in each and every moment. Simple and easy, eh? Then why can you NOT do it? Or do you lie to yourself and say you can?  Read on if you realize the truth:

The “A,B,See” Program for Instant Happiness:

I recently shared one of my programs with a few clients and they seemed to like it, so I will attempt to share it with you too. I will do the ‘KISS’ method, because after all, we’re all agents of that last ‘S’!

a) Humans, like bacteria (and all life forms) are moved or motivated by impulses. Impulses are thoughts, feelings, and reactions – in essence an electrical signal from the brain to our bodies.

b) At our core, the governing impulse is that we all want to feel happy, content, satisfied, etc. Let’s call all of this just one word – happy. So all humans strive to be happy. Even when we’re happy, we can strive to be ‘happier’.

For example, you get a promotion at work. You’re happy. But now you work even harder in expectation that you will get an even better promotion (and raise) next year, which will make you ‘more happy’.

c) ABC: We can see that all life forms, including humans, are moving through time in an “ABC” fashion. We are in state ‘A’, and we have an impulse to act (‘B’) in order that we can arrive at the happier state ‘C’. So we are always looking into the future (‘C’) for our sense of fulfillment and freedom.

For example, you have a job (A), you plan or expect to work hard (B) in order to get a promotion (C). Or; you are hungry (A), you reach for food (B) and feel better at having satisfied your hunger (C).

d) Once you arrive at state ‘C’ you go back very quickly to state ‘A’ automatically (does anyone not see that?). For the learning impaired (not you of course), allow me to explain: once you get the promotion at work (C) you then go back to state ‘A’, ie. feeling incomplete and needing to do something else, in this case working harder (B), in order to get more money and recognition next year (C).

Or after you eat (C), you then realize you are thirsty (A), and need to drink (B) in order to quench your thirst (C). It doesn’t get any simpler than that. We go through life chasing after what we yearn for in a continuous cycle.

e) Make ‘ABC’ into “ABSee” – Once you see that all life follows this pattern, you can exercise that so called ‘free will’ we humans have, and simply choose to stop living in ‘A’ and live in a new version of state ‘C’, what I call state ‘SEE’, where in essence, you see that you CAN choose to live in that awareness that life is always complete and whole. And ‘C’ is after all that temporary feeling of completion, or wholeness, of happiness (call it what you want).

In essence the brief sense of fulfillment you feel is but a glimpse, a fraction of, that ultimate fulfillment your heart yearns for. The sense of freedom you feel in ‘C’ is but a glimpse of a deeper Freedom that exists in every moment. We’ve all had the ability to see, to touch, taste or hear moments in time that are but small reflections of the Divine Freedom and wholeness of which we are at All Times. But the yearning of the body, that keeps us in state ‘A’ to feed its desires, stops us from the learning state ‘SEE’ holds for us. How many yearnings do you need to chase before you say ‘and then?’ and realize their never-ending cycle? See through the yearning into a deeper learning.

f) Put another way, state ‘A’ is your monkey brain, that part of you commonly known as self. State ‘SEE’ where you can consciously choose to live from,  is commonly referred to as free will, your spiritual dimension, living through the light, God etc, etc, etc. The thoughts telling you I do not make sense and that this is silly, see it! Because that’s your monkey brain. Say hello to it, because to be human means to live from the monkey brains! lol

I think I’ve planted enough “SEEds” for today, I will let you figure the rest out on your own. Either way, I hope you realize you can choose state ‘SEE’ at any time! You can eat, work, etc without any need to be attached to the outcome. It will not stop you from working hard, but it will help you to live a life free of worry and of fear. No, you won’t give up the will to live, in fact you will truly start living for the first time in your life. Because now you are not living, you are simply reacting.  Reacting to the world of cause and effect.  You’re dead to that other world of living moment to moment in the presence of Happiness and Freedom (call it what you want). The choice is always yours.

The Master’s power is like this:
He lets all things come and go
effortlessley, without desire.
He never expects results;
thus he is never disappointed.
He is never disappointed
thus his spirit never grows old.

Tao te Ching

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Exercise Tips: Get the Balance Right First!

Posted by myhealthexperts on March 3, 2008

 With any exercise program, we want to progress from the simple and most basic (body) to more advanced programs. This evolution in program design then not only benefits the body to increasing degrees, but also integrates mind and even ‘not-mind’ aspects of your being. 

I will progress clients from doing an exercise to performing it on 1 leg for example. After they have mastered that, I might have them do the same exercise with their eyes closed. This strengthens the other aspects of balance that we use, propioception and our inner ear. Thus the neurological systems involved here also can improve, and we improve balance and functionality.

The most basic programs are designed to build strength and endurance, and as such simple, stable movements are done that do not require much in the way of the mind and our attention. This is because at this lower level, the movement itself can be enough of a challenge for the beginner.  Their brain has to wire up millions of new connections to get these new movement patterns locked and loaded.

Ironicaly, it becomes apparent that body follows mind and mind follows spirit, so the lessons on one level will often apply on other levels too. I often have my clients do exercises that involve balance, for example bent over dumbell raises on 1 leg.  Many jump in and quickly lose their balance in their determination to accomplish the goal. Sounds like most peoples lives when they rush to get things done without being truly centered.

However when they place balance first and then move once balance is established, they more often accomplish the goal with less error.  To establish balance we often need to pause first to center ourselves.

If we all committed to honoring balance in our life first, all our problems would shift.  We would not get angry nearly as often, and we’d more practice pausing (as in the exercise) to get balanced before acting on anything.

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