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Michael Moore (Sicko) can kiss my….

Posted by myhealthexperts on April 25, 2008

…Lymph nodes! (Many sicko’s have their lymph nodes fat and swollen!

Yes, I am not really a fan of Michael Moore. Sure he does reveal some uncomfortable truths in his new movie, ‘Sicko” which quickly got the spin doctors of mainstream media out to make him look like a lunatic or biased. (Many Russian intellectuals and journalists have joked that at least in Russia they know all the news coming from official sources or the large media is spun and distorted!)

Michael Moore is on the right path (you should see his rant to Wolf Blitzer on CNN last night, it was awesome! He spoke the truth about the media and how they lie and distort to spin ‘truth’ that serves the coprorate agenda from the War in Iraq to health care. It’s worth watching!)

But Moore really only scratches the surface. He did the same thing in his previous films and in Sicko its more of the same. His main concern is Universal Health Care –  one of many issues he could address in our nations health care problems. And he blames companies for not giving people proper health care – a valid point to a degree, but companies are designed to simply make profit – not have any morality.

We make Gods and Heroes out of the brave few who step up and speak truth to injustice – after we kill, jail and crucify them. This is human nature – we all have to own this. (Ever notice how the Bell Curve of human behavior shows one truth about how we behave, and yet when you ask anyone how they behave, they almost always deny that they act in those ways, but are quick to point out how everyone else does? We all see how vile humans can be EXCEPT ourselves! lol )

Those in power are especially bound to kill, jail and crucify those rebels. It’s not their fault, they just have more to lose and hence have more fear. And “…fear leads to hatred and hatred leads to the Dark Side.” said Yoda in Star Wars.

Not that Michael Moore is a God or hero, but I think he fails to address the underlying fabric of human systems that would explain much more of why our society is the way it is.  There is a vast body of science, and writers like E.O. Wilson, Matt Ridley and others, that reveal so much more of the hidden truth as to what human nature really is. And the truth is that it is both very ugly and very beautiful. Perhaps the most inspiring message is that we all have Potential. Nurture the individuals body, mind and spirit and you will almost always produce a good, productive human being.

But I digress. Back to ‘Sicko’. Most of you who know me, know quite well that our economy and nation thrive on disease. It pays to keep people sick and in fear. Doctors, MD’s – manage disease (hence the term MD! lol)- by keeping people on drugs or employing drastic surgeries. Drug dealers know its better to keep people coming back than to get to the core of their problems. Again, I am not dismissing all of mainstream medicine, some surgeries and drugs are effective, and there is good science to support them. But the vast majority have little or poor science behind them.

Now Moore is not exactly a pillar of health, so he cannot really set an example of this new paradigm in health. Others, like Jack LaLane, Dr. Mercola and Gary Null, can and do. Look them up and read thier materials. Then you can then take charge of your own health and reduce the chance of falling victim to our ‘Sicko’ health care system.


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