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Your True Core: Pain & Fear?

Posted by myhealthexperts on October 31, 2008

Most of us are hopelessly clueless to just how much fear or pain, choose whichever words makes sense for you, rule our lives.  We fail to make the deeper connections behind all the negative feelings we experience. I mean, did you ever figure out yet, why traffic makes you so impatient and angry? We never realize these feelings all stem from a robotic, mechanical ‘self’ that even science shows is an illusion, devoid of free will and simply bouncing from one cause & effect to the next.

Yes, my friend, you are a robot, monkey, cockroach, use whatever word you need to drive home the realization that you are indeed not a free human being, but a slave to your programs. Want proof?  No truly intelligent being would intentionally hurt themself. Yet we all hurt, in many ways, every day!

I realized this myself once when I lost a job I had. My reaction was fear of the unknown future that was ahead of me. How would I pay my bills, etc? I felt a wave of depression and anxiety rise over me. Then I woke up and caught myself slipping into this automatic response. I then in my pause, asked myself if there was any other possible reality that could also be in my future? I quickly realized that just as viable was the potential for this door that just closed (my job loss) to free up my time to look for other doors that could open! I could in fact create any number of possible futures that all had a positive spin on them.

So I thought to myself in my awakened state – why did I automatically choose to go with the negative feelings over losing my job? I did because I was not really awake, not fully present to the experience, and as such I reacted with my lower self, my ‘Pain Body’ as Eckhart Tolle calls it.

One of my clients told me he wanted to lose his belly fat. I said, ‘belly fat is from high cortisol, so do some stress management techniques”. He said he couldn’t do that, that he was afraid he might lose his motivation. There you have it – he needed his stress, aka FEAR and PAIN to keep him moving in life! Fear and pain are what most people use to drive themselves through life! Uhhh, are we all insane or what?

Ok, before I lose you, watch this clip of Eckhart on the ‘Pain Body’  – do not make the mistake of dismissing this valuable lesson just because the words you might use, like ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’ are not there.  Getting hung up on words and missing the lesson only insures you will remain in pain.  Interesting that often those needing fear and pain to move through life are also the ones who cling to the manufactured ways society tells them will bring them ‘salvation’ or ‘peace’.  Seek the deeper understanding. (Note: Your True Core is not Pain and Fear – but something much more magical! Discover this with me at )


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Ad lib Abs: Anytime, Anywhere!

Posted by myhealthexperts on October 23, 2008

Here is a recent video I shot over the summer on how to create fun to do exercises anywhere, just with a little thought! You can take 5 minutes several times a day and do several sets of any exercise and end up your day having done 20-30 minutes of exercise in total! This keeps you on track for your goals! There is no excuse to not be successful – just not enough creative thinking!

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Why Bother?

Posted by myhealthexperts on October 2, 2008

Why Bother?

Summary: In order to succeed you must “Find Your Source”- those core values that inspire you. Then act from that inspiration. If you don’t know your values, you won’t have the motivation nor commitment to achieve your goals. When you know what you value and what you want: you will know that health & fitness are your ticket to success!

One of my clients recently told me “Brian” he said, “No offense, but I hate coming here. We have fun together, but I just dread coming to the gym. “So stop coming Joe” I told him. “I enjoy our time together too, but I don’t need your money.”

“But think about it for a minute, because I struggle with the same thing. It’s hard to get motivated to do an hour of cardio, or to put down the potatoe chips and eat something healthier. So why bother?” I asked.

“Let’s say you take time off exercise, and after a few months, in all probability, you will have gained some fat and lost some muscle tone. You will start feeling more and more blah or unhealthy. Then what happens?” I asked.

“I will probably want to get back into the gym” Joe replied. “Exactly” I added, “you simply replace one fear for another. First you fear that the gym is a waste of time, that you are not getting paid back for your investment. I don’t mean just the money, but the time, the pain of getting off the couch and into a cold car, driving over here, and of course the pain of exercise.”

“Then after you quit and time goes by, you fear being unhealthy. You feel less attractive (this is a big one, being such social primates, we all to varying degree’s want to be attractive), perhaps lethargic, fat, and now the opposite fear propels you back to the gym”, I said.

You’re like a ping pong ball, bouncing from one fear to the next, one impulse to the next. But where do these impulses come from? We are motivated away from fear and toward pleasure. But often these are only short term, acute responses. Its hard being motivated to be healthy, as health is such a nebulous term dealing with the long term. For example, being ‘cancer free’ is not really a pleasure, in fact we take it and our health at large for granted. We only know the pain and fear of having cancer and then we become motivated to not have cancer.

Its hard being motivated to work (exercise) and be healthy (choose good foods etc), if it’s not tied to something concrete, like our values. As Joe remarked to me, if I were to educate him on the benefits of being healthy, it could increase his desire to be so. “Knowledge is the seed of Wisdom, and Action is its Flower.” some wise man once said.

What Motivates You?

People are motivated by what they value. For example, parents usually value their children (and nannies!). Exercise helps to reduce stress, increase ‘feel good’ endorphins, increase stamina, lower blood sugar, and on and on, all of which make parents able to cope better with helping their child do homework, lifting heavy kids, not stressing out as easliy when the house is a mess, etc. I tell prospective clients that if they want their kid to go to Harvard, they better start working out. Because it takes a parental support team that is mentally and physically healthy to improve the odds of a child getting into an Ivy League school. The same and more can be said for our diet and nutrition as well.

Its obvious that no matter what we do, being healthy, fit and optimized to deal with the challenges of life in work, family and on the tennis or basketball court is to our advantage. But we all seek to do just enough to get by. It’s that lazy factor, ie the ‘conservation of energy’ – an evolutionary hold over from when food was scarce and exercise to find it (hunting, foraging etc) was plentiful. Like I said before, remember why lions sleep 23 hours a day? Its not because they are lazy. Lazy is a product of fear.

Our ancestors typically had to hunt and forage (exercise) for hours to get their food. Often they didn’t even get a full meal. Today it’s the opposite from the environment in which our human nature was shaped. Now we have too much food and too little exercise. We are dying from being rich! How ironic.

“Climbing Mt. Improbable”
Joe wants to climb Mt. Everest. I need to tell him he has his head up his ass! People die on Everest, often because they were not prepared. No one should attempt such a feat unless all systems are operating at peak capacity. This includes all physical and mental factors, such as nutrition, aerobic capacity, recuperative ability, balance, hormone levels, strength, neurological function, emotional balance and well being, cognition, awareness, etc.

But we are all climbing Mt. Everest in some way: some of us climb it at work, others taking care of their children, etc. When you have all systems in your favor, you function better in all areas that matter to you. You decrease the chances of accidents, from cancer, to falling down a glacier, since you are at peak potential.

This is why you need to make health and wellness the core of your life!

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