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Give Thanks on ThanksGiving!

Posted by myhealthexperts on November 26, 2008

Hugh Hefners Turkey

Hugh Hefners Turkey

Be content with what you have;
rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you
.” Lao Tzu, Tao De Ching

Rejoice (give thanks) for the way things are – exactly as they are now! Its a great honor to be down here on earth living the great adventure called life! It’s a game our spirits play that we all take too seriously! How often are we on automatic pilot – going to eat with the family without truly reflecting on the significance of the day? Of every day? So on Thanksgiving, appreciate even the simplest of things – your breath, the sunrise, food, etc. We all have so much to be thankful for.

Hit The Gym Before You Pig on Turkey!

“Everything You Know is Wrong” is the name of an interesting book that shows the truth behind much of what we collectively think of as truth. I have to laugh at just how stone-age we humans still are. I mean, when I was a boy it was still illegal in several states for a black person to marry a white person, gay people could not openly ‘come out’, and I was taught in school that Colombus discovered America.

After spending the last 20 years unwrapping the brain-washing we all are programmed with in order to become members of our collective tribe, you either go insane or realize that ‘humanity IS insanity’!

 I, as you guessed, did both!

First off, relating to the gym – Everything you know is wrong: On Thanksgiving I observed hordes of people hitting the cardio machines in the gym. Huffing and puffing so that after they could earn the right to indulge and not have that little voice of guilt go off inside their head!

But they have it wrong! Research indicates the most calories burned come from lifting weights – not cardio! The key is here whats called “Afterburn”. Technically its called EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) and it refers to an increase in fat burning after intense exercise.

After you lift weights you will continue to burn extra calories for up to 24 hours. That extra hourly caloric expenditure is more than you would burn doing an hour of cardio. Thats the magic of weight training! The key with the weights is to make it hard on the muscles and on your cardiovascular system – so keep rest periods short and do what I do with all my clients – supersets!

Supersets are hitting two or more exercises in succession with little to no rest. For example – do a bench press set and immediately do a Squat-Row on the cable pulley machine.

So when you want to indulge, hit the weights hard!

This does not mean cardio is not valuable. Cardio works with weight training to facilitate your best fitness program results. But on the holidays – hit the weights.

Turkey Time:

Ghandi once said “drink your food, chew your water”, meaning in a
figurative sense to be conscious (wake up) to what you consume. The
deliberate focus on your actions will serve you well in this hedonistic
festival of potentially gluttonous consumption. In a literal sense
chewing food (mastication) until it is a liquid before you swallow is
the healthiest way to eat. This takes time and allows the satiety signal
(that youve eaten enough) to reach your brain before you are too full!

Mind Your Mind:

So much of overeating and weight gain is ’emotional’. In fact it all is – we’re all emotional eaters and/or drinkers. Health to me has such an emotional and spiritual component it is without a doubt
more important than any exercise program you’re on. With this in mind, I encourage you all to spend as much time on this as you do on the physical aspects of health. I found a great speaker who cuts the crap and gets right into the heart of things, his insights are searing! His name is Guy Finley, check him out here:

I usually listen to all the free audio programs on the site, but he has a lot of free material to read also. One of my clients commented that he was not a Christian (my client was a devout Catholic). To this I say if you can’t see the Truth (or God) in all, you can’t see the Truth (or God) AT ALL!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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How To Get Your Kid Into Harvard (or Yale)!

Posted by myhealthexperts on November 25, 2008

Passport to Prosperity?

Harvard: Passport to Prosperity?

My graduate thesis at New York Medical College was on “Nutrition and Brain Function in Children” so I learned a few things about optimizing brain function. And of course when our brains are working, everything else works too. We are after all – controlled by our brains.

In the wealthy suburbs parents send their kids to pre-schools that cost upwards of $30,000/year. This is the supposed track to getting them into the best schools and careers possible. But do the best intentioned parents often miss the boat? I’ve got some amazing discoveries to share that you’ve probably never heard anywhere before! But first:

1.) Is This a Healthy Goal?

In a society where its increasingly obvious that the norm is unhealthy on all levels, we need to look deeper into what society has us all chasing. Perhaps here we need to ask “whats so special about Harvard (or any other school)?” Look at so called ‘health care’: the best doctors, from Harvard and Yale, are blind lackies for the Medical-Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, using modalities designed to make massive profits, not keep people healthy. Chemotherapy for example has a long term success rate of only 2.1%. How smart is managing disease instead of promoting health?

Look at Wall Street: the best minds from Harvard and Yale (speaking symbolically here of course) were great at making themselves massive profits, but as we’re just starting to see, bringing our great nation to its knees. How ‘smart’ is blind greed?

Bloomberg News had a recent article reviewing the careers of the great financial experts who have been called in to save the economy – and it concluded they were the same ones who helped create the current disaster. It went on to state that they should instead be given subpoenas for financial fraud!

The current system does not give our children any wisdom. And in a world where the air is thick with smog, the land and water contaminated with toxins, and we’re in a global depression on top of global warming, wisdom may be more valuable than a Harvard MBA.

2.) Lets instead make our children the best possible human beings they can be:

A better, more wholistic goal then would be to help our children simply be the best they can be. If they go to Harvard, great. If not, thats great too. There is a new paradigm emerging, and your kids will live it more than you can ever imagine. It will be forced on them just as ‘the sins of the father shall be visited upon the sons’.

By realizing the winds of change you will better guide your children through the cultural shifts already starting to happen. One of community over individualism, happiness over ambition and greed, and health over fast food, fast cars and fast cures (drugs). Lead by example.

3) Stop Being So Selfish:

‘Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself’ Kahil Gilbran.

Its not about you and your kid is not your ‘mini-me’. Having children is a selfish act, but parenting is an opportunity to practice selflessness. Yet so many ‘driven’ parents are driving their kids mad trying to make them into something they weren’t. Trying to compete with other parents or having your child compete with other kids increases the liklihood of programming an undertone of unhappiness into every facet of your childs life.

4) Take Care of Your Childs Basics:

Basic means primal – what we are designed by evolution to eat. And how we are basically designed to move in this world (aka exercise). Children need whole foods and daily exercise. Giving your kids the ‘video valium’ by putting them in front of a video game or TV does them no good. They need to be moving around, developing strong bodies and neural networks through play. Yes play has a vital evolutionary role, it programs the individual for life.

Whole foods means as close to natural as possible. This does not mean foods like cereal, milk, cheeze wiz, and juice. These are a great way to ruin your childs sensitive brain chemistry. Don’t blame them the next time they throw a fit – blame the food you are feeding them. If you need to give your child milk – at least make it raw milk, or better – hemp or almond milk.

One parent who I know has an adorable son with a learning disability. Nothing major but noticable. I repeatedly told her about looking into the basics first – food allergies, adverse reactions to vaccines, etc. Simple things that a qualified (few are) doctor could test for and clear up for her son. In fact there is a great book on the Four A’s that I advise any parent of a child with allergies or behavioral and/or learning issues read.

She still has yet to read it or do anything out of her comfort zone to help her son. Yet she feeds him cookies and candy – this is normal after all. To me this is stealing the childs future right out from underneath him. Something as simple as the nutrient alpha-lipoic-acid has been used to assist heavy metal detox for kids, and yet she would have no idea what this even means.

    For most kids, the following basics apply:

-Cut out sugar, white flour and soda
-Dilute juice with water – lots of water
-Kids need lots of healthy fats – avocado, flax, coconut milk/oil, nuts, seeds, hemp, soft egg yolks.
-Get them on a good multi-vitamin & DHA (fatty acid) supplement
-Try to eliminate the main food allergens: Wheat, Soy, Dairy, Corn, and Peanuts. This is especially critical if your child has allergies, asthma, and/or behavioral or learning challenges.

My graduate thesis showed that children who had higher test scores tended to eat better, exercise, took a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement and had more active and engaged adult caretakers. Which leads me to point 5.

5) Take Care of Your Basics:

Eat right and exercise! No parent is as patient and loving when they are wired on sugar and caffeine as when they are healthy and fit. Every aspect of your life flows better when you honor the life and body you inherit for these few short decades.

Despite that voice inside telling you to not eat healthy and exercise daily we all know, logically at least, that health and fitness are investments in ourselves that pay back huge dividends. Even more so for our children, and in more ways than one! After all, you might just live long enough to see your grandchildren get into Harvard!

If this was helpful to you, please share it with other parents who want to help thier children as well.

Best in Health;

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Drug Company Found Intimidating Researchers

Posted by myhealthexperts on November 24, 2008

One of many examples of the hidden side of drug companies:

“A Maryland doctor said she felt “threatened and disappointed” after GlaxoSmithKline P.L.C. urged her to stop discussing her concerns that the company’s diabetes drug, Avandia, caused heart problems.

Her assertion marks the second time that GlaxoSmithKline has been accused of trying to intimidate a researcher who pointed out problems with Avandia, which before its side effects became well-known was the top-selling diabetes drug.

In 2007, University of North Carolina researcher John Buse testified before Congress that GlaxoSmithKline had called him a liar and suggested it might sue him if his comments about Avandia’s potential safety problems caused the company’s stock to drop.”

read more here

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The Dirty Dozen: 12 Foods To Eat Organic

Posted by myhealthexperts on November 24, 2008

Organic is often more nutritous then conventional produce!

Organic is often more nutritous than conventional produce!

I’m convinced that the cumulative effects of myriad miniscule exposures to an array of chemicals may be far worse than currently thought. And the recent debacle of the FDA’s stance on Bisphenol A (BPA) where it was found to have used the opinion of the Chemical Industry only serves the point that Industry and Government are often dangerously slow to act.

One simple thing you can do is to to eat the most heavily contaminated foods in their organic version only! Here is the list of foods to buy Organic, and in bold are the more popular foods I prefer.
Eat Organic Only:
3.Bell peppers
8. Raspberries
9. Imported grapes
10. Spinach
11. Nectarines
12. Strawberries

And if you need to cut corners and save money, these foods are relatively clean and the conventional version can be eaten:
11.Sweet corn
12.Sweet peas


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5 Great Breakfast Meals

Posted by myhealthexperts on November 21, 2008

Diabetes Delight!

Diabetes Delight!

Breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the day. It literally breaks the fasting state we experience during sleep. Usually cortisol is high in the morning (this helps us wake up) so eating can help offset this elevation of stress hormone.

Many people feel too busy to eat a good breakfast, so they opt for the quickies: coffee, orange juice and either a bagel or muffin. These are some of the worst foods one can consume, and ensure long term health risks. My goals for breakfast: Low sugar, nutrient dense foods, as raw as possible, wheat free, healthy fats and of course good taste!

Breakfast can be a great way to jump start your committment to a healthy (and Whol-E) day. So here are 5 fast but healthy breakfast meals:
1) Breakfast Smoothie: This is very fast and easy. Start with some basics and build from there. My smoothie video is worth watching. I usually add 10 oz. water, 1/4 cup blueberries, 1 apple, and then a large handful of mixed greens. Blend well, then add some fish oil, or flax seed (grind in coffee grinder first). I add 2 raw eggs, but if you are not there yet, add a scoop of protein powder. I also add stevia and cinnamon to taste. These taste great and are super-nutritious!

2) Yogurt & Granola: I prefer goat or sheep milk yogurt, its healthier than cows milk. And I use a low sugar, low fat granola – FEED is a good brand, Galaxy Granola is my fav, and Bear Naked is okay if it’s all you got. I add only a little granola, and instead fill the yogurt up with blueberries, ground flax seed, some cocoa nibs (love these!), and coconut milk. I also add stevia and cinnamon to taste.

3) Oatmeal, Berries, Flax and Almonds: I add almonds &/or flax seed to practically everything. Slow cook oatmeal is best as its a lower glycemic index. Cook the oatmeal, then add almond or coconut milk when its done, plus ground flax seed and the berries. You can also add egg whites when the oatmeal is cooking and it will increase protein content. You can even add a scoop of protein powder. I also add stevia and cinnamon to taste if needed.

4) Breakfast Burrito: I am addicted to brown rice and sprouted wheat tortilla’s. You can jam them with healthy goodies and they taste amazing. For breakfast – I will cook a few eggs over easy (soft yolks are very healthy) and then add them to the tortilla (already warmed in the oven). I also add some chopped apple, avocado, almonds, sometimes goat cheese and/or flax seed, and then a healthy salad dressing (Braggs makes great salad dressings). These are fast and super healthy!

5) Egg white omelette: Several egg whites and of course, as many greens and veggies as you feel comfortable stuffing in there. I add raw onions, spinach, and mixed greens as the eggs cook. This softens up the greens and takes the edge off the onions. A slice or 2 of brown rice or sprouted grain bread could make an acceptable addition. I use avocado as a spread, but coconut oil or butter works and even ghee (raw butter), or organic butter is acceptable.

I always cook with coconut oil or butter – these are the only stable fats that do not create toxic substances when heated. And I use only stainless steel or cast iron cookware, teflon is not safe to use. Try them and realize its easy to eat healthy!

Please feel free to share this with anyone you think can use some healthy advice.

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Steep Climb Ahead: Get Fit Now!

Posted by myhealthexperts on November 13, 2008

Obama has become a symbol of hope for many. As Obama said, ‘the climb will be steep’ and I think most of you have no idea how tough next year could be – so both literally and figuratively – climbs are easier if you are healthy and fit!

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Natural Solutions for Stress & Anxiety

Posted by myhealthexperts on November 13, 2008

stress-man1Times are tough and people are more stressed and anxious than ever. Stress and anger are literally toxic to the body. Anxiety and depression literally depress immune function. One of my clients told me she was now taking Xanax for anxiety. These meds are not only powerful but addictive. So I feel its best to use them as a last resort. There are many natural ways to reduce stress and anxiety – exercise, meditation and good sleep notwithstanding. When you feel anxiety use that as a key to remind you to practice the breathing technique I’ve shown all of you. Make the connection “Stress- Breathing” or ‘Anxiety-Breathing’ as a 1-2 combo to be done when these feelings arise.

People have many ways of dealing with stress and anxiety. Some think the only way to get stress relief and reduce anxiety is to drink alcohol, smoke pot, or take other drugs like ecstacy or mushrooms. These substances are often not only illegal (pot and ecstacy are illegal drugs for example), they are also dangerous. Alcohol for example is involved in many car accidents, it is a toxin to both the brain and liver, and as a sugar can lead to obesity and diabetes. Therefore alcohol and/or other illegal drugs like pot and ecstacy are poor choices. Another way to deal with stress is with prescription medications. Xanax and Valium are among the most popular. Other drugs often prescribed are Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, Effexor and Welbutrin. Prescription drugs are the most popular treatment options in use today for anxiety. Indeed the abuse of these drugs has become an epidemic, for example, Vicodin for pain is often used for other psychological issues like stress and anxiety or to just get high. Because so many people use it to get high, it is now a controlled substance, strictly controlled and monitored by the governemnt. While these legal drugs are some of the most popular ways people deal with stress and anxiety, they often have side effects. Our bodies are not evolved to process drugs so often they disrupt delicate brain chemistry and other body functions.

Natural products like amino acids are a much safer choice for stress relief and to reduce anxiety. Amino acids are the building blocks or proteins. Proteins are found in many foods like meat, eggs and fish. As such our bodies are naturally equipped to process amino acids so they are safe and better for us. They best part is that when certain amino acids are taken alone or without food, they can often have powerful effects on us. Food in general affects our mood, and everyone has felt how chocolate makes us feel good. Chocolate has amino acids and chocolate is well known to improve mood and stimulate sexual interest – so it is called an aphrodisiac. Even just eating when we are hungry makes us feel better. So we see that food has a powerful effect on how we feel. And amino acids are an important part of why food makes us feel better.

When used alone or in certain combinations, amino acids can get into the brain easier and help restore normal brain chemistry. For example, Phenyl-GABA has been studied and shown to improve the way another amino acid called GABA, works in our brain. GABA, or Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, is an amino acid found in food, but also a brain chemical called a neurotransmiter. Neurotransmitters are chemicals like amino acids that help brain cells (called neurons) communicate with each other. They are the building blocks of our moods and emotions. Too much dopamine and we feel motivated and excited. Too little serotonin and we feel depressed.

L-theanine is another amino acid found in green tea that can reduce stress. The african herb Kanna has been used for centuries to treat depression by elevating serotonin. These items work so well I use them exclusively in my stress and anxiety product Gabatrol.

The amino-acid combination in Gabatrol were designed to quickly and effectively normalize your brain chemistry to restore feelings of well being. Plus they’re good for you – they act as anti-oxidants and help detoxification as well.

Try some natural remedies first for acute stress and anxiety and then get your life (your mind) in order for the long term!

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How To Solve Any Relationship Problem

Posted by myhealthexperts on November 6, 2008

Even James Bond Has Relationship Problems!

Even James Bond Has Relationship Problems!

There is only one relationship you ever have a problem with: your ‘self’. It might just be words to you now, but the more you live from that awareness, the easier all relationships become.

Today in the gym one client was complaining about his wife, how selfish she was. Another client was going on about the welfare moms and blacks in this country that take her tax dollars and ‘pump out babies’ as she said. She was upset that now Obama would create a socialist welfare state for the poor. (Interesting observation because the current socialist welfare state for the rich ($700 billion bail out and counting) certainly has not worked out for us.)

No matter who it is, we all suffer from our relationships. That little ‘self’ inside us is saying ‘NO!’ to the reality of the world, convincing us if we scream or get angry enough it will change things. The only thing it always changes is us – we become more brainwashed by its voice in our heads, addicted to the feeling it gives us. And of course the release of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that keep us up at night, or make us get fat, age faster and die sooner (and die angry or depressed too!). Ah well, there is always the next life to learn the lessons! lol

Help is Here:
My friend Dr. Denise Nadler works with people one-on one to transform their relationships. She is a colleague of Dr. John DeMartini who was featured in The Secret and on Larry King Live. I’ve personally witnessed her skill at helping people transform their lives and make significant breakthroughs. She rocks!

Another insightful coach, Byron Katie, has developed a simple yet effective program for anyone to create happiness and freedom from relationship pain. And ultimately, isn’t that what we all seek? All our anger, frustration, resentment, and even all our striving, ambition, and efforts are all for one goal – to feel complete, whole, happy and at peace.

Of course you can simply choose to feel complete and happy now, but our minds have forbid us to do so. Worse, most of us buy our own lie that we are happy and whole – yet everyone else can see we are just like the rest of humanity running around frantically chasing one thing after the next. Getting frustrated in traffic, upset or angry in personal relationships, blaming others for our problems, the list goes on and on.

Try the simple exercise in The Work, it works!

After if you want to read a great example of Byron Katie working with someone in the process, read this:

I hate my husband!!

Peace and Health;

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Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants

Posted by myhealthexperts on November 4, 2008

Here is a question one of my readers recently asked me:
Q: I’m a 37 year old male. I suffer from erectile dysfunction, memory loss and depression. I’m looking for supplements to address my deficiencies. I think I have a manganese deficiency. What do you recommend?

A: I’m all for your desire to treat yourself. But thinking that a specific nutrient is the key is the wrong approach. Thats taking the conventional medicine way but instead of treating symptoms with drugs youre using nutritients. If you do want to ascertain what if any deficiencies you have, you must seek a qualified health professional (not your typical doctor) who can assess your nutrient status via blood, hair and other testing procedures.

For yours, and anyone else’s issues that are not life threatening or signs of more serious disease, you can always start some lifestyle changes yourself in addition to seeking professional care. If going solo, its best to start with the basics. A healthy diet, exercise and some form of mindfulness training are the foundation of your health and life.

Mindfulness training goes by many names; call it what you want, spirituality, religion, meditation, cognitive therapy, personal growth etc. Its a process by which the undisciplined, emotional, ego-centered voice in our head we commonly think of as ‘self’ starts to lose control to a more disciplined, balanced, rational, awakened self free of the dark energy and negative thoughts our common self lives on.

You diet must be more aligned with your evolutionary design. The recent advent of processed food, genetically modified foods, and even cooking have all ravaged the nutrient profile in modern human diets, leaving us vulnerable to a plethora of dysfunction. Combined with the modern environment full of increased toxins, increased information overload and chronic stressors from many sources and you have a recipe for disaster. So its probable that most of us will develop some type of disease and/or health concerns.

How did our ancestors eat? Usually whatever they could pick or kill from their local environment. They picked fruit, nuts, greens, and roots, and killed local game like rabbits, seals, deer, and bison. This ‘pick/kill’ diet varied all over the globe. As omnivores, humans are remarkably capable of adapting to all sorts of diets. People have thrived on high fat, low carb diets to low fat, high carbs. The macronutrients are not the key – its the fact that all these foods were raw and fresh. From whale blubber to Yucca these foods were eaten with their nutrient contents intact.

I’m not saying any cooked food is bad. Certain nutrients are made available from heating. But in general nutrients are sensitive to degradation from 4 sources: heat, light, oxygen and time. It’s not easy making the shift to more raw foods, unless you have your mind on your side. Thats another reason to make regular practice of awakening a daily ritual. If you do need to cook, use lower temperatures as this is less destructive than high temperatures.

In general – a diet rich in greens, moderate in everything else is best. Moderate grains, fruits, raw nuts and seeds, and meats. Reduce dairy, and whatever dairy you consume should be raw – not pasteurized or homogenized. Eat organic where possible, especially animal products where toxins accumulate in higher amounts. Grass fed beef, wild salmon, organic eggs are great sources of protein. I eat my eggs raw, and my beef and salmon pan seared on the outside and raw inside. Avoid wheat, eat brown rice, millet, spelt, or sprouted grain products instead.

When I first started eating raw eggs and beef, I gagged several times. It was simply a mind game I realized and quickly eliminated that silly fear. The key is to take small steps, make changes in comfortable ways that do not stress you out. For example, getting off milk – do it in stages. Go from whole milk to 2%, then 1% then mix almond milk with 1% milk at 50-50 ratio, then shift to pure almond milk. Its easy that way.

To offset modernity and its associated toxins – the use of broad spectrum nutritional products is warranted. Think of nutrition as music – the more varied the instruments are the better. Together the symphony sounds more complete. This variety of instruments is identical to nutrition – take in a variety and in general never go for one single instrument (nutrient), unless directed by as health professional. With that said let me contradict myself and give you the other side: there is good science to support the use of certain nutrients that most people are short on.

Magnesium for example is one. Most people get far too much calcium and too little magnesium. And multi-vitamins are short on it as well, so some extra magnesium is a good idea. And of course a high quality multi-vitamin.

One more thing – try to decrease caffeine, sugar and bad fats found in processed/fried foods. These items are toxic to varying degrees. Drink green tea instead of coffee.

Start with these basics and give it three to six months. See if your conditions improve. In the short term, you can take a natural PDE-5 inhibitor like the herbs cnidium and a nitric oxide agent like L-Arginine for the impotence. St. Johns Wort or L-Theanine could work for the depression, and the memory loss may be more complex than this article can go into.

How does one make these changes? Mindset – you need to have a warrior mind. Call it what you want, only a focused, clear and disciplined mind will rise above the odds. Work on your mind and the rest will follow.

Erectile Dysfunction, Depression are Testosterone Issues:
I encourage all my male clients over 30 to get their testosterone levels checked. There is a silent epidemic of male hypogonadism (low testosterone) in men now for a variety of reasons. If you test low, contact me and I will share my natural, safe testosterone program for men.

PS: the title of this article is a reference to the subtitle of “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollen

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