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Easy Ways to Save over $500 a Month and Get Fit & Healthy

Posted by myhealthexperts on April 9, 2009

Count Your Pennies While The Bankers Count Their Billions!

Count Your Pennies While The Bankers Count Their Billions!

With everyone being concerned over the economy – people are starting to find ways to save money. One way people are turning to more and more is being healthy. Sounds crazy but its true – vitamin sales are up sharply this year as people find prevention saves more money in the long run than expensive doctor’s visits and drugs. Plus it just feels better!

Health care (insurance) is a twisted system – it’s like an all you can eat buffet – it tends to incentivize sloth and gluttony! Plus it may not be there for you when you need it – in case you didn’t hear – the financial cancer has metastasized! So why not invest in the best asset you have: yourself?

Now more than ever is a great time to step up to your health and fitness to the next level. It often takes a crisis for people to wake up! Unfortunately it’s often too late.

Here are some easy ways to save money and get fit and healthy:
1) Save $500/month – Quit your gym:
Gyms can be expensive. And the truth is you don’t need all that equipment. I have clients who are now saving over $500/month by training at my home gym. Do the math:

Option A: Gym membership: $150/month
Personal training sessions: 3/week= 12/month at $95 = $1140
TOTAL: $1290

Option B: 12 PT sessions with in home personal trainer: $65 x 12 = $780
(They do cardio as I show them on their off days outside in the fresh air)

Total Savings: $510/month – or $6120 a year!

Note: Even at 2 sessions per week you still save $400/month or $4800/yr.

Even if you cannot afford personal training there are many other ways to exercise that do not require a gym.

2) Save $200/month – Stop Eating So Much:
While billions of people don’t have enough to eat, most in the US have too much to eat. Many of the poor in the world die from malnutrition while many here die from eating too much toxic food that comprises the typical American diet.

Fasting is a great way to lose weight and save money – skipping one meal a day could reduce your food bill by 33%. I’ve discussed it before, the easiest type of fast is IF (Intermittent Fasting) where you simply skip a meal – like breakfast. Try to get at least 12-16 hrs of fasting to reap the benefits.

3) $500+/month –Stop Getting Sick!
Actually this one is priceless – after all, how much is your health worth to you? Start by eating healthy with judicious use of nutritional supplements. I used to get sick 2-3 times a year, a cold, the flu and then allergies in the spring.

When I cut out the top allergens from my diet and began to aggressively take safe, non-toxic nutrients my life completely changed. A 100% turnaround. I stopped feeling congested; I didn’t get sick for over 12 years. In fact, even now when I do catch something, I can feel it ‘coming on’ for a few hours and then it goes away. I think I was actually sick, where I was stuffed up and congested – once in the last 4 yrs, mostly due, I think, because I began to eat dairy and wheat again.

The NY Times recently ran an article that people are buying vitamins and herbs more this year to try and avoid doctor and drug expenses. People know being healthy is the way to go – it’s just when they have enough money – they feel they can afford to be lazy. You have to love human nature!

Bottom line: If you want to be healthier and fit you need to exercise. You don’t need the gym. You need to eat healthy (50-75% raw, 50-75% organic). You don’t need to starve. However, if you aren’t eating like this – my research indicates you can compensate for this by adding liberal use of nutritional supplements.


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