A blog to help You get important health & fitness information! We act as your filter, taking all the various ‘experts’ out there and evaluating what they say and recommend.

 MyHealthExperts is a Pure Life website. Founded by Brian Cunningham, Brian himself experienced dramatic results in his own health and wellness following the philosophy he developed from extensive research.

Brian Cunningham, MS, Founder and President of Pure Life: Brian has a Master of Science in Epidemiology from New York Medical College, and is a writer for two magazines; CORE Performance and RxMuscle. Brian has over 20 years of experience as a personal trainer, health counselor and researcher in health, nutrition and fitness. Brian currently trains clients at Equinox. In addition, Brian has worked for various nutrition companies such as Icon Nutrition and German American Technologies, in both product research & development as well as sales and marketing. Brian also has an extensive background in environmental engineering, and pharmaceutical research, two seemingly diverse areas that have now come to relate intimately to public health.


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  1. ES said

    LOVE the new blog page with the the green and black. Really really cool!

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