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Easy Ways to Save over $500 a Month and Get Fit & Healthy

Posted by myhealthexperts on April 9, 2009

Count Your Pennies While The Bankers Count Their Billions!

Count Your Pennies While The Bankers Count Their Billions!

With everyone being concerned over the economy – people are starting to find ways to save money. One way people are turning to more and more is being healthy. Sounds crazy but its true – vitamin sales are up sharply this year as people find prevention saves more money in the long run than expensive doctor’s visits and drugs. Plus it just feels better!

Health care (insurance) is a twisted system – it’s like an all you can eat buffet – it tends to incentivize sloth and gluttony! Plus it may not be there for you when you need it – in case you didn’t hear – the financial cancer has metastasized! So why not invest in the best asset you have: yourself?

Now more than ever is a great time to step up to your health and fitness to the next level. It often takes a crisis for people to wake up! Unfortunately it’s often too late.

Here are some easy ways to save money and get fit and healthy:
1) Save $500/month – Quit your gym:
Gyms can be expensive. And the truth is you don’t need all that equipment. I have clients who are now saving over $500/month by training at my home gym. Do the math:

Option A: Gym membership: $150/month
Personal training sessions: 3/week= 12/month at $95 = $1140
TOTAL: $1290

Option B: 12 PT sessions with in home personal trainer: $65 x 12 = $780
(They do cardio as I show them on their off days outside in the fresh air)

Total Savings: $510/month – or $6120 a year!

Note: Even at 2 sessions per week you still save $400/month or $4800/yr.

Even if you cannot afford personal training there are many other ways to exercise that do not require a gym.

2) Save $200/month – Stop Eating So Much:
While billions of people don’t have enough to eat, most in the US have too much to eat. Many of the poor in the world die from malnutrition while many here die from eating too much toxic food that comprises the typical American diet.

Fasting is a great way to lose weight and save money – skipping one meal a day could reduce your food bill by 33%. I’ve discussed it before, the easiest type of fast is IF (Intermittent Fasting) where you simply skip a meal – like breakfast. Try to get at least 12-16 hrs of fasting to reap the benefits.

3) $500+/month –Stop Getting Sick!
Actually this one is priceless – after all, how much is your health worth to you? Start by eating healthy with judicious use of nutritional supplements. I used to get sick 2-3 times a year, a cold, the flu and then allergies in the spring.

When I cut out the top allergens from my diet and began to aggressively take safe, non-toxic nutrients my life completely changed. A 100% turnaround. I stopped feeling congested; I didn’t get sick for over 12 years. In fact, even now when I do catch something, I can feel it ‘coming on’ for a few hours and then it goes away. I think I was actually sick, where I was stuffed up and congested – once in the last 4 yrs, mostly due, I think, because I began to eat dairy and wheat again.

The NY Times recently ran an article that people are buying vitamins and herbs more this year to try and avoid doctor and drug expenses. People know being healthy is the way to go – it’s just when they have enough money – they feel they can afford to be lazy. You have to love human nature!

Bottom line: If you want to be healthier and fit you need to exercise. You don’t need the gym. You need to eat healthy (50-75% raw, 50-75% organic). You don’t need to starve. However, if you aren’t eating like this – my research indicates you can compensate for this by adding liberal use of nutritional supplements.


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Say A Prayer: The Power Of One

Posted by myhealthexperts on January 21, 2009

christA lot of my clients have a hard time falling asleep. Or they all too often wake up, wrought with thoughts – never able to fully let go of the day and sink fully into the a deep, dark night of sleep. Who ever said black (the darkness) was evil? I love a good sleep! I suppose if we were nocturnal creatures we’d say the light (the sun) was evil.

What helps me fall asleep is to pray. Not because I’m religious, but because it works. I once wrote a poem:
I don’t believe in God, but I feel comfort when I pray.
I don’t believe in time, but I watch it take each day.
I don’t believe in love, but it moves my heart to cry
I don’t believe the answers, yes still I question, why?

The truth is next to simply doing slow breathing, nothing helps me to focus and let go better at night than a prayer. Now prayer is just a religious word for meditation. Doing one thing – from focusing on the breath, to saying the Rosary, can work wonders for the mind bogged down in stress, anxiety and depression.

As a child I was wired by family and church to pray – a lot. So my neurons strongly associate prayer with a comforting feeling. Prayer is after all, a focus of the mind. The mind focused on one thing is a powerful tool. This is why we all seek the One in most everything we do – think about it – gardening, fishing, sports, washing the dishes; you name it – when we are present and doing the ‘one’ we are more at peace then when our minds are racing around with endless ‘to do’ lists.

I often tell clients who ask me in troubled times – do one thing right now that can make you feel better. Sometimes instead of doing one thing trying to solve the problem – the best thing we can do is nothing. Yes, even better than 1, is 0 (zero) – do nothing and watch the problem dissolve. Why solve when you can dissolve! Look at how soft and yielding water is – yet it dissolved the rock to form the Grand Canyon!

There may be more reasons these days than insomnia to pray. Obama was inaugurated today. Many hope that he is the one to help us rise up to meet the challenge ahead. The economy is about to fall of the cliff. Bernie Madoff made off with countless billions of false prophets (oops I mean profits). He is the poster boy for the profit party of 2008. No we all have to suffer the hangover!

As a NY Times financial reporter noted, Bernie was really no different than what most other prophets on Wall street were doing. As he said, Madoff just cut out the middleman!

The year ahead will be extremely challenging, more than you may imagine. We need new tools to help us change and cope. Meditation (prayer in effect) is one such tool. It has changed my life. I realize that when I am alone in the dark woods at night, the words that break the silence are some of the strongest prayers possible.

The Power of One: one prayer, one leader, one moment, one person (you) being at one with all of creation. Pray long and hard for that!

Next: The Power of Zero!

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“The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on Fire!”

Posted by myhealthexperts on December 16, 2008

Yes, the roof is indeed on fire on all levels. The planets roof is heating up, the roof of Pax Americana is also burning, and the roof of your body – your immune system is also heating up! But we don’t need no water, let the cooling effects of living in harmony with our body and collective bodies (society) put out the flames!

There is an order to the world around us that is astounding – from the micro to the macro the same truths apply. Just as we run cooler (aka stay & look healthier) by getting clean energy from organic, natural foods the way nature intended, the planet runs cooler (& healthier) if we get clean energy from sources like solar, wind and geothermal. This short video shows part of the connectedness with you and your world!

If man lives, earth dies. If man dies, earth lives. This is one of the only planets in the universe where life can survive. We can’t afford to have this planet die...” Keanu Reeves as the Alien in “The Day The Earth Stood Still”

In the end of the movie, the god like aliens give mankind another chance. Lets hope the real gods give us another chance as well! In the meantime, think of creative ways to reduce your carbon footprint. If you can walk, walk. Its’ healthier for you. You’ll save energy and reduce emissions. In years to come our children’s children will wonder how we could use 4000 lb vehicles to move 150 lbs of human around. It takes a lot of energy to move 4000 lb of steel!

Buying more organic sends a message of support for sustainable agriculture and helps turn the tide toward ecologically sound practices on farms.

The bottom line is most people do not really care about the planet – its an abstract word, an ethereal concept that brings no immediate pleasure. So bring it back to yourself – after all it is all about you! Walking more, eating healthier – is good for you. You get to look and feel healthier! And you might decrease the chance of getting some painful disease like cancer or a paralyzing stroke. Simple enough!

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Why I Stopped Working Out

Posted by myhealthexperts on December 11, 2008

Relaxed, Centered, Being

Relaxed, Centered, Being

Muscles tense, heavy thinking

Tense, Forward, Thinking

I’ve taken the last two months off training at the gym. Not because I lost my motivation, but because I no longer wanted to act from motivation. Instead I wanted to act from inspiration. There is a big difference. As one of my clients admitted stress (and fear) is what gets him out of bed in the morning. He needs it to stay motivated.’. Motivation is a fear based action. Now, there is nothing wrong with this, I’m merely sharing my own personal insights. God knows many people may not relate to how I think about life, but that does not make them wrong.

Inspiration on the other hand is different. It comes from a mind free of fear and mental chatter. It desires nothing other than to simply express the passion inherent in the existence of being! Inspiration literally means ‘in spirit’ – to breathe in the Divine and act from this Presence, in the present.

I must confess, a large part of my motivation for the gym was to maintain a certain image I had of myself. I wanted to be seen a certain way; athletic, fit and looking like a ‘personal trainer’. Muscle was my friend, fat was my enemy. I was at war…with myself. One of my female clients on this topic noted ‘I’m in here for a similar reason: resale value. I feel the need to keep looking fit and trim so my husband is still attracted to me. Or, God forbid, if I am ever single again, which is always a possibility. I need to be seen a certain way…’

Long ago my kung-fu teacher taught me the essence of martial arts. “When you relax and let go, and have no fear, just being present, the art will flow from you naturally. Think of the Buddha, as opposed to Rodin’s ‘Thinking Man’ who symbolizes the Western mind – he is tense, leaning forward, and heavy in thought,” he said. The two images above depict this contrast.

Men are motivated to conquer the world, to think of clever ways to make a ‘killing’ on Wall Street. Inspired, they seek to be at one with the world, to exist in peaceful harmony. Someone once said ‘its easier for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle than to enter the kingdom of heaven’ referring to the different lives people of motivation live versus those who live from inspiration.

Now moving from inspiration, I go hiking most weekends. I chop and stack wood, or go out in the forest for my walking meditations. If I feel like it – I will do some pull-ups on a tree branch, or some push-ups on a rock. When you are in the flow of life, you will want to move, to exercise, to play! For me this natural inspiration happens easier in the natural world, not in the concrete jungle of the gym.

Now that winter is here, I’m returning back to the gym, but my workouts have changed. I am now making it a priority to do whatever feels good – I am experienced enough to know how to train myself intuitively and make my workouts productive but fun.

I know for me committing to inspiration over motivation has made all the difference in the world!

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Give Thanks on ThanksGiving!

Posted by myhealthexperts on November 26, 2008

Hugh Hefners Turkey

Hugh Hefners Turkey

Be content with what you have;
rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you
.” Lao Tzu, Tao De Ching

Rejoice (give thanks) for the way things are – exactly as they are now! Its a great honor to be down here on earth living the great adventure called life! It’s a game our spirits play that we all take too seriously! How often are we on automatic pilot – going to eat with the family without truly reflecting on the significance of the day? Of every day? So on Thanksgiving, appreciate even the simplest of things – your breath, the sunrise, food, etc. We all have so much to be thankful for.

Hit The Gym Before You Pig on Turkey!

“Everything You Know is Wrong” is the name of an interesting book that shows the truth behind much of what we collectively think of as truth. I have to laugh at just how stone-age we humans still are. I mean, when I was a boy it was still illegal in several states for a black person to marry a white person, gay people could not openly ‘come out’, and I was taught in school that Colombus discovered America.

After spending the last 20 years unwrapping the brain-washing we all are programmed with in order to become members of our collective tribe, you either go insane or realize that ‘humanity IS insanity’!

 I, as you guessed, did both!

First off, relating to the gym – Everything you know is wrong: On Thanksgiving I observed hordes of people hitting the cardio machines in the gym. Huffing and puffing so that after they could earn the right to indulge and not have that little voice of guilt go off inside their head!

But they have it wrong! Research indicates the most calories burned come from lifting weights – not cardio! The key is here whats called “Afterburn”. Technically its called EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) and it refers to an increase in fat burning after intense exercise.

After you lift weights you will continue to burn extra calories for up to 24 hours. That extra hourly caloric expenditure is more than you would burn doing an hour of cardio. Thats the magic of weight training! The key with the weights is to make it hard on the muscles and on your cardiovascular system – so keep rest periods short and do what I do with all my clients – supersets!

Supersets are hitting two or more exercises in succession with little to no rest. For example – do a bench press set and immediately do a Squat-Row on the cable pulley machine.

So when you want to indulge, hit the weights hard!

This does not mean cardio is not valuable. Cardio works with weight training to facilitate your best fitness program results. But on the holidays – hit the weights.

Turkey Time:

Ghandi once said “drink your food, chew your water”, meaning in a
figurative sense to be conscious (wake up) to what you consume. The
deliberate focus on your actions will serve you well in this hedonistic
festival of potentially gluttonous consumption. In a literal sense
chewing food (mastication) until it is a liquid before you swallow is
the healthiest way to eat. This takes time and allows the satiety signal
(that youve eaten enough) to reach your brain before you are too full!

Mind Your Mind:

So much of overeating and weight gain is ’emotional’. In fact it all is – we’re all emotional eaters and/or drinkers. Health to me has such an emotional and spiritual component it is without a doubt
more important than any exercise program you’re on. With this in mind, I encourage you all to spend as much time on this as you do on the physical aspects of health. I found a great speaker who cuts the crap and gets right into the heart of things, his insights are searing! His name is Guy Finley, check him out here:

I usually listen to all the free audio programs on the site, but he has a lot of free material to read also. One of my clients commented that he was not a Christian (my client was a devout Catholic). To this I say if you can’t see the Truth (or God) in all, you can’t see the Truth (or God) AT ALL!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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How To Solve Any Relationship Problem

Posted by myhealthexperts on November 6, 2008

Even James Bond Has Relationship Problems!

Even James Bond Has Relationship Problems!

There is only one relationship you ever have a problem with: your ‘self’. It might just be words to you now, but the more you live from that awareness, the easier all relationships become.

Today in the gym one client was complaining about his wife, how selfish she was. Another client was going on about the welfare moms and blacks in this country that take her tax dollars and ‘pump out babies’ as she said. She was upset that now Obama would create a socialist welfare state for the poor. (Interesting observation because the current socialist welfare state for the rich ($700 billion bail out and counting) certainly has not worked out for us.)

No matter who it is, we all suffer from our relationships. That little ‘self’ inside us is saying ‘NO!’ to the reality of the world, convincing us if we scream or get angry enough it will change things. The only thing it always changes is us – we become more brainwashed by its voice in our heads, addicted to the feeling it gives us. And of course the release of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that keep us up at night, or make us get fat, age faster and die sooner (and die angry or depressed too!). Ah well, there is always the next life to learn the lessons! lol

Help is Here:
My friend Dr. Denise Nadler works with people one-on one to transform their relationships. She is a colleague of Dr. John DeMartini who was featured in The Secret and on Larry King Live. I’ve personally witnessed her skill at helping people transform their lives and make significant breakthroughs. She rocks!

Another insightful coach, Byron Katie, has developed a simple yet effective program for anyone to create happiness and freedom from relationship pain. And ultimately, isn’t that what we all seek? All our anger, frustration, resentment, and even all our striving, ambition, and efforts are all for one goal – to feel complete, whole, happy and at peace.

Of course you can simply choose to feel complete and happy now, but our minds have forbid us to do so. Worse, most of us buy our own lie that we are happy and whole – yet everyone else can see we are just like the rest of humanity running around frantically chasing one thing after the next. Getting frustrated in traffic, upset or angry in personal relationships, blaming others for our problems, the list goes on and on.

Try the simple exercise in The Work, it works!

After if you want to read a great example of Byron Katie working with someone in the process, read this:

I hate my husband!!

Peace and Health;

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Your True Core: Pain & Fear?

Posted by myhealthexperts on October 31, 2008

Most of us are hopelessly clueless to just how much fear or pain, choose whichever words makes sense for you, rule our lives.  We fail to make the deeper connections behind all the negative feelings we experience. I mean, did you ever figure out yet, why traffic makes you so impatient and angry? We never realize these feelings all stem from a robotic, mechanical ‘self’ that even science shows is an illusion, devoid of free will and simply bouncing from one cause & effect to the next.

Yes, my friend, you are a robot, monkey, cockroach, use whatever word you need to drive home the realization that you are indeed not a free human being, but a slave to your programs. Want proof?  No truly intelligent being would intentionally hurt themself. Yet we all hurt, in many ways, every day!

I realized this myself once when I lost a job I had. My reaction was fear of the unknown future that was ahead of me. How would I pay my bills, etc? I felt a wave of depression and anxiety rise over me. Then I woke up and caught myself slipping into this automatic response. I then in my pause, asked myself if there was any other possible reality that could also be in my future? I quickly realized that just as viable was the potential for this door that just closed (my job loss) to free up my time to look for other doors that could open! I could in fact create any number of possible futures that all had a positive spin on them.

So I thought to myself in my awakened state – why did I automatically choose to go with the negative feelings over losing my job? I did because I was not really awake, not fully present to the experience, and as such I reacted with my lower self, my ‘Pain Body’ as Eckhart Tolle calls it.

One of my clients told me he wanted to lose his belly fat. I said, ‘belly fat is from high cortisol, so do some stress management techniques”. He said he couldn’t do that, that he was afraid he might lose his motivation. There you have it – he needed his stress, aka FEAR and PAIN to keep him moving in life! Fear and pain are what most people use to drive themselves through life! Uhhh, are we all insane or what?

Ok, before I lose you, watch this clip of Eckhart on the ‘Pain Body’  – do not make the mistake of dismissing this valuable lesson just because the words you might use, like ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’ are not there.  Getting hung up on words and missing the lesson only insures you will remain in pain.  Interesting that often those needing fear and pain to move through life are also the ones who cling to the manufactured ways society tells them will bring them ‘salvation’ or ‘peace’.  Seek the deeper understanding. (Note: Your True Core is not Pain and Fear – but something much more magical! Discover this with me at )

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Why Bother?

Posted by myhealthexperts on October 2, 2008

Why Bother?

Summary: In order to succeed you must “Find Your Source”- those core values that inspire you. Then act from that inspiration. If you don’t know your values, you won’t have the motivation nor commitment to achieve your goals. When you know what you value and what you want: you will know that health & fitness are your ticket to success!

One of my clients recently told me “Brian” he said, “No offense, but I hate coming here. We have fun together, but I just dread coming to the gym. “So stop coming Joe” I told him. “I enjoy our time together too, but I don’t need your money.”

“But think about it for a minute, because I struggle with the same thing. It’s hard to get motivated to do an hour of cardio, or to put down the potatoe chips and eat something healthier. So why bother?” I asked.

“Let’s say you take time off exercise, and after a few months, in all probability, you will have gained some fat and lost some muscle tone. You will start feeling more and more blah or unhealthy. Then what happens?” I asked.

“I will probably want to get back into the gym” Joe replied. “Exactly” I added, “you simply replace one fear for another. First you fear that the gym is a waste of time, that you are not getting paid back for your investment. I don’t mean just the money, but the time, the pain of getting off the couch and into a cold car, driving over here, and of course the pain of exercise.”

“Then after you quit and time goes by, you fear being unhealthy. You feel less attractive (this is a big one, being such social primates, we all to varying degree’s want to be attractive), perhaps lethargic, fat, and now the opposite fear propels you back to the gym”, I said.

You’re like a ping pong ball, bouncing from one fear to the next, one impulse to the next. But where do these impulses come from? We are motivated away from fear and toward pleasure. But often these are only short term, acute responses. Its hard being motivated to be healthy, as health is such a nebulous term dealing with the long term. For example, being ‘cancer free’ is not really a pleasure, in fact we take it and our health at large for granted. We only know the pain and fear of having cancer and then we become motivated to not have cancer.

Its hard being motivated to work (exercise) and be healthy (choose good foods etc), if it’s not tied to something concrete, like our values. As Joe remarked to me, if I were to educate him on the benefits of being healthy, it could increase his desire to be so. “Knowledge is the seed of Wisdom, and Action is its Flower.” some wise man once said.

What Motivates You?

People are motivated by what they value. For example, parents usually value their children (and nannies!). Exercise helps to reduce stress, increase ‘feel good’ endorphins, increase stamina, lower blood sugar, and on and on, all of which make parents able to cope better with helping their child do homework, lifting heavy kids, not stressing out as easliy when the house is a mess, etc. I tell prospective clients that if they want their kid to go to Harvard, they better start working out. Because it takes a parental support team that is mentally and physically healthy to improve the odds of a child getting into an Ivy League school. The same and more can be said for our diet and nutrition as well.

Its obvious that no matter what we do, being healthy, fit and optimized to deal with the challenges of life in work, family and on the tennis or basketball court is to our advantage. But we all seek to do just enough to get by. It’s that lazy factor, ie the ‘conservation of energy’ – an evolutionary hold over from when food was scarce and exercise to find it (hunting, foraging etc) was plentiful. Like I said before, remember why lions sleep 23 hours a day? Its not because they are lazy. Lazy is a product of fear.

Our ancestors typically had to hunt and forage (exercise) for hours to get their food. Often they didn’t even get a full meal. Today it’s the opposite from the environment in which our human nature was shaped. Now we have too much food and too little exercise. We are dying from being rich! How ironic.

“Climbing Mt. Improbable”
Joe wants to climb Mt. Everest. I need to tell him he has his head up his ass! People die on Everest, often because they were not prepared. No one should attempt such a feat unless all systems are operating at peak capacity. This includes all physical and mental factors, such as nutrition, aerobic capacity, recuperative ability, balance, hormone levels, strength, neurological function, emotional balance and well being, cognition, awareness, etc.

But we are all climbing Mt. Everest in some way: some of us climb it at work, others taking care of their children, etc. When you have all systems in your favor, you function better in all areas that matter to you. You decrease the chances of accidents, from cancer, to falling down a glacier, since you are at peak potential.

This is why you need to make health and wellness the core of your life!

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“You Have Cancer” – Now What?

Posted by myhealthexperts on September 29, 2008

Every day your body develops cancer cells – life and death go on in harmony inside you on a cellular level without your awareness. Typically cancer cells committ suicide via the p-53 apoptosis gene. But in a body overwhelmend with stress, poor nutrition, environmental toxicity and other genetic and epigenetic factors, cancer cells can proliferate rapidly.

Its amazing that the more you learn about the science of health and your body, the lines separating you and your world blur. Global warming is wrecking the planet and now we know that inside our bodies excess heat in the form of inflammation is wrecking our bodies too. Both are caused by burning too much fuel – in the form of oil for society, and food for our bodies. Both forms of overheating are caused by a cancerous lifestyle where you, your friends and family (society) blindly chase an agenda that seems good and noble but is really a Malthusian tragedy of epidemic proportions. Or is that a Darwinian tragedy? Lets call it both.

As Yeats predicted a century ago, the Second Coming is at hand and the Joker in the film Batman: The Dark Knight is the poster boy for our collective Karma coming home to roost. As Yeats said, ‘the ceremony of innocence is drowned’ meaning your blind ignorance to the consequences of your lifestyle will not protect you from the pain and suffering created by it. Pain is a blessing in disguise – it really helps us to wake up and see the dysfunction in our lives – be it physical, mental or spiritual. We can run from it – medicating with drugs, alcohol, working too much, making money into a God, etc, but my guy feeling is we can NEVER escape it, even in death. On your last breath all the running in the world will not save you and you will have to face yourself.

Any idiot can see our current system is cancerous. On a personal level, cancer rates are rising. Cancer is no fun – trust me. Two of my close friends are currently going through the ordeal now and its rough. Chemo is painful and extremely toxic, increasing the risks of unhealthy reactions in the future by its very poisonous nature. A ‘Catch-22′.

So what do we do – roll the dice and hope we dont get cancer or is there another way? For me its breaking free of the cancerous lifestyle I am leading. It’s hard to break free. Our culture does not reward real freedom, or true individuals, only those who operate withing the acceptable confines of what serves the economy and nation. We crucify, imprison or kill those who preach a message of freedom. I am not ready to be crucified or even imprisoned, but I will start carrying my cross at least! lol ….I find that by taking baby steps I can crawl out of my grave and into a new paradigm for wholistic living. And in that connect more with the core experience of what it means to be alive.

One of my clients asked me how to lose his belly fat- and I asked him what he thought caused it. “Stress” he answered. “So try stress management” I told him. “I can’t do that’ he replied, ‘because I am afraid I will lose my motivation and drive.” “I love it!” I said, “Do you realize just how deep that idea is? That you, a devout Christian, are an utter hypocrite? This is your hypocracy staring you in the face!”. Our stress is addictive – the adrenaline we release is a morphine like compound and it sure feels good. Cortisol is another stress hormone, and both of these together are literally toxic to our bodies. And the cortisol is also what contributed to my clients belly fat as the fat cells there have more sensitivity to cortisol fluctuations.

Bottom Line – the best cancer strategy is PREVENTION!

Live Longer and Prevent Cancer by S-L-O-W-I-N-G DOWN!
Two of the most powerful and simple things you can do to prevent cancer are, taking in the Light and the Darkness. By day – the sun is the most potent anti-cancer weapon you have. All you need is a small amount daily, or even 3-4 times a week as I wrote before in previous e-mails, to radically reduce the chances of getting cancer. This is because the sun enables endogenous vitamin D synthesis to take place from cholesterol. So you can drop cholesterol levels and reduce cancer risks. I take 10-15 minutes 4-5 times a week, stop my hectic work schedule and force myself to SLOW DOWN. Go out in the sun and treat myself to creations best source of health! (Read my article on Suntan Science if

By night – the dark also serves us. Sleep releases melatonin, the most potent anti-oxidant an anti-cancer hormone our bodies make. Darkness is needed for this to happen – any light hitting the body (thats right, the body has light sensitive cells everywhere) will blunt melatonin release. You cannot make up for lost sleep when it comes to the anti-cancer benefits of melatonin release. Many of my clients do not sleep well, wired on stress and caffeine by day they find it hard to ‘let go’ and shift into the darkness unless they are medicated. Not good. Slow down and breathe, take back your life and align yourself with the harmony naturally present in the world, and you will reap enormous benefits from it.

Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall, And All the Kings Horses and All…:
You think all the money in the world can save you? What good does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul? Ask Jackie Onassis, who had the best medical care money could buy – it did not save her life. The statistics on chemotherapy are abysmal unless you follow them with a complimentary protocol of detox, IV nutrients etc. One of my mentors, Gary Null, was offering to help
Jackie at the time, but her Harvard and Yale educated doctors assured her she had the best care money could buy. And of course a nice coffin to go along with it.

Tough? Sometimes we all need a little tough love to see outside the prisons of our mind. We all have to die sometime, so in a deeper sense 20 days or 20 years extra to live are no difference. But I think most of us are not ready for that lesson yet and would prefer the 20 year option. 

Conclusion: Connect Your Dots!!
Preventing cancer and the other diseases is the smartest choice. All of these are caused by inflammation – running too hot (“FASTER, HARDER”) through our lives. And of course 3 billion people just like you, running too hot, is leading the planet to heat up as well. What kind of legacy are we
leaving our children and their children?

Slow down, experience each moment more fully. Breathe slow and deep, relax, get out in the sun a little. Make good, deep sleep a value as well. Take time to make healthy meals. Work less – where the hell is it written 40 + hour workweeks are healthy and essential to a great life?

Be aware of your choices or one day soon you will beware of that “rough beast, slouching towards Bethlehem to be born”.*

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Are You Dead or Alive?

Posted by myhealthexperts on March 31, 2008

Are You Dead or Alive?
Last Sunday was the most important day of the year for Christians who celebrate their belief that Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified & buried. According to them, he died so that they might live an eternal life with God. And, it’s reported, he rose from the dead to prove to them that they too can rise up after their death in life everlasting.
Jesus is often referred to as the ‘Light of the World’ (our very first notions of God were in fact derived from the sunlight). Light is seen as ‘good’ as opposed to darkness which is ‘bad’.

Do you realize the ‘Gravity’ of the situation?

In physics, light is an expansive force – it goes out in all directions. Both the Big Bang, and the Biblical “Let there be Light” refer to the same expansive force of light. Gravity is the opposite, it pulls everything together. As such it can be seen as the opposite of light – it is, ‘self-centered’, contractive, or even ‘dark’. (In fact ‘Dark Matter’ is what makes up most of the matter in the universe).So it’s little coincidence that Christians see human nature as inherently bad, or even ‘evil’. After all, like gravity, we too are self-centered. Indeed, the word ‘grave’ means both where we place the dead, but also ‘dark’. Jesus came out of the grave.Born-Again, And Again, And Again:

Easter is about the cycle of life and death. It’s once again, no coincidence that Easter marks the start of Spring – the dead of winter is over and the world can once again spring to life! That which is dead now lives, and can be referred to as ‘born-again’. Christians often refer to themselves as ‘born-again’ – to symbolize the belief that they are born of the spirit. I am an atheist (the word ‘God’ is like ‘Easter Bunny for Adults’ to me), but the words of the great cool dude Jesus are worth mentioning:

“Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot (SEE) that (which is beyond words)… The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit”

 So it can be said that until or unless one lives from that eternal source of inspiration, they are in essence dead, at least spiritually. Ironically most who claim to be born-again are anything but. Our president is one such example. Being born-again is a moment to moment choice. It’s not a one-time declaration or a baptism. It’s living in the eternal wow! that’s happening now, and now and so on. Living every moment through inspiration, literally being ‘born-again, and again, and again…’

I Robot, I Pod, I’m Dead? So are you dead or alive? My guess is dead. Let’s look at this:Science, and Hollywood also reflect our fascination with life and death. I won’t go into the tangent of how medicine profits off making you deathly sick and then profits even more keeping you amped out on life-support systems long after you’re dead. But those ‘prophets’ of health sure are profitable!

In the movie “I Robot” Will Smith deals with robots that are for all intents and purposes, alive. They are fully functioning individuals. Is a robot dead or alive? I think most would say robots, like computers, are dead – non-living things. The major difference between dead and alive is really one of semantics: life is any creature (robot) created by evolution, dead is any robot (creature) created by humans. But since humans are from evolution, so too is whatever they create! So in essence, robots can be just as alive as humans are. Or humans are just as dead as robots. Take your pick!

In the Matrix (that modern day story of Jesus played by Keanu Reeves) people were in fact ‘ I Pods’ – wrapped up in little pods while the supposedly ‘dead’ robots & machines fed of them by sucking the very life juices out of their bodies. The people were asleep, virtually dead to life but living in the virtual world of the illusory Matrix.

Take a deep breath because it gets even more interesting:

Science shows us that all life (including you) is extremely mechanistic (aka ‘robotic’). While they have not as yet created life, the mechanisms are well understood, and artificial intelligence “AI” makes leaps and bounds in its ability to think like humans do. Robots currently can function at the level of insects in that they can respond to the environment in much the same way. And AI computers can beat the best chess players at their game. Just like the deeper we probe into the atom the more empty space we find, the deeper we probe into the human mind, the more empty space we find as well. The truth is there is no one at home. The notion of ‘self’ and ‘free will’ evaporate like cool aid in the hot desert sun.

So once again, science and spirit are aligned, not opposed at the theologians and scientists tell you. In a mechanistic universe, human nature, that complex array of genetic and epigenetic algorithms, is like a highly developed ‘AI’ at best. And dark , dead humans are easy to figure out. So Thomas Malthus and Revelation are probably right, and we have front row seats for Armageddon! No, it’s not the movie starring Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck!

So spiritually we’re dead, and in a scientific sense we are biological robots and hence, dead as well.

Call 911: I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

So now that you’re dead, how do you wake up? How to come alive? And what the hell does this have to do with working out and eating healthy? It has everything to do with everything.I realize after talking with some of my clients, that many could read the words of the ‘ABC’ Program I discussed last week, but they did not get it. I am trying to share an understanding that goes beyond words, but it’s tough because words are all we have currently.Jesus, like Buddha and Lao-Tzu were a few human beings that were truly alive. But as expected on the planet of the apes; we made them into Gods – an insult to what they lived for. Blasphemy even. But what do you expect from dead robotic apes? lol

Inspiration: To Breathe In

(Interesting how the word inspiration means both to breathe in and to be ‘in spirit’. Also note that scientifically proven is the fact that with each breath you literally can share some of the same atoms that were once part of the body of Jesus or the Buddha) What can we do now to wake up and be truly alive? Start by becoming aware of your breath. I have told some clients “with every breath, life or death?” – meaning with each breath we get to choose – are we dead (normal) or alive (awake and present fully in the now)? It’s a small start, so don’t expect to walk on water yet! But baby steps are the best most of us ‘children’ can aspire to now!We all have some form of addiction – sex, food, running, working out, alcohol, cigarettes, working, sleeping – to be human is to have addictions.

The next time you indulge, and its ok, don’t feel you have to stop. Just feel. Feel into your body as you indulge – listen for the innate intelligence inside you as you allow the energy of this addictive substance to penetrate your being.It may surprise you what becomes apparent for you to see when you do…

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Happiness & Freedom is as easy as ‘ABC’…

Posted by myhealthexperts on March 16, 2008

Bottom Line: Be fully present in each and every moment. Simple and easy, eh? Then why can you NOT do it? Or do you lie to yourself and say you can?  Read on if you realize the truth:

The “A,B,See” Program for Instant Happiness:

I recently shared one of my programs with a few clients and they seemed to like it, so I will attempt to share it with you too. I will do the ‘KISS’ method, because after all, we’re all agents of that last ‘S’!

a) Humans, like bacteria (and all life forms) are moved or motivated by impulses. Impulses are thoughts, feelings, and reactions – in essence an electrical signal from the brain to our bodies.

b) At our core, the governing impulse is that we all want to feel happy, content, satisfied, etc. Let’s call all of this just one word – happy. So all humans strive to be happy. Even when we’re happy, we can strive to be ‘happier’.

For example, you get a promotion at work. You’re happy. But now you work even harder in expectation that you will get an even better promotion (and raise) next year, which will make you ‘more happy’.

c) ABC: We can see that all life forms, including humans, are moving through time in an “ABC” fashion. We are in state ‘A’, and we have an impulse to act (‘B’) in order that we can arrive at the happier state ‘C’. So we are always looking into the future (‘C’) for our sense of fulfillment and freedom.

For example, you have a job (A), you plan or expect to work hard (B) in order to get a promotion (C). Or; you are hungry (A), you reach for food (B) and feel better at having satisfied your hunger (C).

d) Once you arrive at state ‘C’ you go back very quickly to state ‘A’ automatically (does anyone not see that?). For the learning impaired (not you of course), allow me to explain: once you get the promotion at work (C) you then go back to state ‘A’, ie. feeling incomplete and needing to do something else, in this case working harder (B), in order to get more money and recognition next year (C).

Or after you eat (C), you then realize you are thirsty (A), and need to drink (B) in order to quench your thirst (C). It doesn’t get any simpler than that. We go through life chasing after what we yearn for in a continuous cycle.

e) Make ‘ABC’ into “ABSee” – Once you see that all life follows this pattern, you can exercise that so called ‘free will’ we humans have, and simply choose to stop living in ‘A’ and live in a new version of state ‘C’, what I call state ‘SEE’, where in essence, you see that you CAN choose to live in that awareness that life is always complete and whole. And ‘C’ is after all that temporary feeling of completion, or wholeness, of happiness (call it what you want).

In essence the brief sense of fulfillment you feel is but a glimpse, a fraction of, that ultimate fulfillment your heart yearns for. The sense of freedom you feel in ‘C’ is but a glimpse of a deeper Freedom that exists in every moment. We’ve all had the ability to see, to touch, taste or hear moments in time that are but small reflections of the Divine Freedom and wholeness of which we are at All Times. But the yearning of the body, that keeps us in state ‘A’ to feed its desires, stops us from the learning state ‘SEE’ holds for us. How many yearnings do you need to chase before you say ‘and then?’ and realize their never-ending cycle? See through the yearning into a deeper learning.

f) Put another way, state ‘A’ is your monkey brain, that part of you commonly known as self. State ‘SEE’ where you can consciously choose to live from,  is commonly referred to as free will, your spiritual dimension, living through the light, God etc, etc, etc. The thoughts telling you I do not make sense and that this is silly, see it! Because that’s your monkey brain. Say hello to it, because to be human means to live from the monkey brains! lol

I think I’ve planted enough “SEEds” for today, I will let you figure the rest out on your own. Either way, I hope you realize you can choose state ‘SEE’ at any time! You can eat, work, etc without any need to be attached to the outcome. It will not stop you from working hard, but it will help you to live a life free of worry and of fear. No, you won’t give up the will to live, in fact you will truly start living for the first time in your life. Because now you are not living, you are simply reacting.  Reacting to the world of cause and effect.  You’re dead to that other world of living moment to moment in the presence of Happiness and Freedom (call it what you want). The choice is always yours.

The Master’s power is like this:
He lets all things come and go
effortlessley, without desire.
He never expects results;
thus he is never disappointed.
He is never disappointed
thus his spirit never grows old.

Tao te Ching

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Exercise Tips: Get the Balance Right First!

Posted by myhealthexperts on March 3, 2008

 With any exercise program, we want to progress from the simple and most basic (body) to more advanced programs. This evolution in program design then not only benefits the body to increasing degrees, but also integrates mind and even ‘not-mind’ aspects of your being. 

I will progress clients from doing an exercise to performing it on 1 leg for example. After they have mastered that, I might have them do the same exercise with their eyes closed. This strengthens the other aspects of balance that we use, propioception and our inner ear. Thus the neurological systems involved here also can improve, and we improve balance and functionality.

The most basic programs are designed to build strength and endurance, and as such simple, stable movements are done that do not require much in the way of the mind and our attention. This is because at this lower level, the movement itself can be enough of a challenge for the beginner.  Their brain has to wire up millions of new connections to get these new movement patterns locked and loaded.

Ironicaly, it becomes apparent that body follows mind and mind follows spirit, so the lessons on one level will often apply on other levels too. I often have my clients do exercises that involve balance, for example bent over dumbell raises on 1 leg.  Many jump in and quickly lose their balance in their determination to accomplish the goal. Sounds like most peoples lives when they rush to get things done without being truly centered.

However when they place balance first and then move once balance is established, they more often accomplish the goal with less error.  To establish balance we often need to pause first to center ourselves.

If we all committed to honoring balance in our life first, all our problems would shift.  We would not get angry nearly as often, and we’d more practice pausing (as in the exercise) to get balanced before acting on anything.

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Clinton or Obama? How Politics Affects Your Health!

Posted by myhealthexperts on February 7, 2008

In order to understand and see what a really healthy and whole life is, you need to take a “systems approach”.  It will not work as well using the typical scientific reductionistic method of compartmentalizing the individual threads that together make the vast web called your life.  Just look at modern health care for one of many examples of how the science reductionism (the best process we have to understand the world vs. say religion) has fallen short.

This is, after all, YOUR world. Not mine, or the Presidents, yours. We are all a cast of characters inside this enormous video game you found yourself in called “Life”.  And its your game (“please insert another quarter to continue playing“).  So the more pieces of the puzzle you connect, the more threads in the web of your life you weave together, the better you will be in the game of life.

My clients know I can be very political. My party is the Truth Party and it has very few members. I even lost one client over my political discourse. I am not for or against any party, I am simply for the Truth. But that is a very difficult and uncomfortable position to have in this modern world. Because not only does absolute power corrupt absolutely**, but corruption involves lies, deceit and a host of other things that all affect your life in unseen and often dangerous ways!

There is no one to blame in your game, the cast of characters and their software was set up a long time ago, so get over trying to blame others. I used to blame the drug industry (I worked in it so its a qulaified blame) for what Burton Goldberg calls the “Medical Holocaust” but realize they are set up the way they are because we, collectively as a society, are the way we are. We don’t want to take full responsability for our lives, and wait until its too late so we have to reach out to an industry set up to give us ‘happy pills’ (pills or a surgery to remove what bothers us). But this never really works, the cause has never been found and so we go on (if we live) until the cause rears its ugly head once more. (“…and what rough beast, its hour come around at last, slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?“)

How does politics affect your life & health? In countless ways, starting with the PAC’s who control legislation that allows more toxins to spew into your food, your air, your water, basically all over the place.  The outright bias of the FDA in stopping natural, non-toxic treatments to be used because of the financial threat to the medical industry. The paltry amount of money spent on prevention by our government.  The lies, such as when the EPA under Christine Todd Whitman and under pressure from the Bush Administration, told residents of Manhattan that the air quality after 911 was safe and they could return to their homes. The list goes on and on.

Wake up. Start to gain a deeper understanding of this game and see how you can make better, more informed choices! You can’t save the world but you can Save yourself!

 ** Even more revealing was that Lord Acton also said:  Great men are almost always bad men.

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Drowning in Poisons

Posted by myhealthexperts on February 2, 2008

Another of countless studies showing just how SEVERELY polluted our planet, and our bodies are. The true depth and breath of this problem is being kept hidden from the public.  Children are our “Canary in a coal mine” in that they are much more sensitive to exposures than adults. And children are increasingly developing neurological, immunological andf behavioral problems due largely to the toxic loads their bodies are subjected to. We might literally poison ourselves into extinction if current trends persist.

WASHINGTON – A recent study by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that three quarters of 285 commonly consumed foods and beverages are contaminated with perchlorate, a toxic rocket fuel ingredient. According to the study, every day, the average two-year-old is exposed to more than half of the EPA “safe” dose (RfD) of perchlorate from food alone. This is bad news for children in communities in 28 states who also are exposed to perchlorate through contaminated tap water. Very low levels of perchlorate in tap water will cause the average two year old to exceed EPA’s safe exposure level.

Two-year-olds are particularly vulnerable because they eat and drink substantial amounts of food and water relative to their small size. An Environmental Working Group analysis of FDA data found that perchlorate levels as low as 4 parts per billion (ppb) in tap water could expose the average two-year-old to an unsafe dose of the rocket fuel contaminant every single day.

FDA’s finding of high food exposures for small children makes clean up of perchlorate-contaminated water imperative. Perchlorate in tap water can be controlled through filtration and clean up. Perchlorate in food is harder to manage because the source of contamination is not clear, although contaminated irrigation water is one known source where levels could be reduced.

read more here:

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More Evidence that Human Nature is Shallow: Looks Matter Most

Posted by myhealthexperts on February 1, 2008

We all know that studies show better looking people do better in life, and that for every inch taller a man is it ends up about $5000 extra income per year. Much as we all like to think we can, we DON’T escape human nature, and when revealed its often an uncommfortable truth in just how inhumane our nature is! (Unless your gorgeous of course! lol)

Again, Free will and the idea of self are illusions, realize this and you are on your way to true Freedom (with real Free Will). Free Willy! lol

Haircuts, Shined Shoes Matter Most in Business” (link)

 Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) — There has long been an adage that it isn’t what you know that’s important for getting ahead in the business world, it’s who you know. Now it appears that what really counts is what you look like. According to research by U.S. economists, the more time you spend combing your hair and polishing your shoes in the morning, the more money you are likely to earn once you finally make it into the office. And, perhaps surprisingly, the effect is more pronounced for men than it is for women.That backs up a growing body of economic literature that tells us that the better looking you are, the more likely you are to do well in life.

And yet, what that says about the way modern business works is rather worrying: People are shallow in their judgments, they value showmanship over ability, and they are creating a culture of narcissism, in which the vain triumph over the worthy.

“There is a general understanding that people are judged on their appearance,” said Fiona Line, diversity adviser to the U.K.’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. “What is important is that companies should be recruiting based on talent, not on what people look like, however strong an instinct that might be.”

Leaving aside the rather obvious counter-example of Bill Gates, who didn’t exactly forsake a career in Hollywood to get into the computer industry, there is no disputing the basic data.

Jayoti Das and Stephen DeLoach of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business at Elon University in North Carolina took the 2005 American Time Use Survey, which studied how 13,000 individuals filled up their day. They then compared that with earnings data.

Importance of Grooming

“Extra time spent grooming has a positive and significant effect on both men’s and women’s earnings, but the effect is considerably larger for men,” they said in a paper called “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Effect of Time Spent Grooming on Wages.” “For men, every extra 10 minutes daily grooming increases their weekly wages by 6 percent. However, women would have to nearly quadruple their daily grooming time to receive that much in additional wages.”

In countries from the U.S. to the U.K., Australia and China, research has shown that those of us who might be mistaken for the back end of a bus are likely to earn much less than people who regularly find themselves mistaken for George Clooney.

And yet, aside from pepping up our portfolios with some shares in the cosmetics maker L’Oreal SA, what does this obsession with how people look tell us about the business world?

Sign of Commitment

Of course, nobody wants staff turning up in the office if they look like they spent the night sleeping on the streets. Their co-workers won’t appreciate it. Neither will the customers.

Likewise, putting some effort into your appearance might well be taken as a sign of commitment to your work and organization. It’s certainly reasonable for employers to reward the people who try hard over those who can’t really be bothered about their appearance or their work.

More importantly, “don’t judge a book by its cover” contains a healthy element of truth. By and large, people can’t do very much about how they look. Shouldn’t companies find a fairer way of assessing their workers?

Within most large corporations, showmanship is now rated more highly than ability or intrinsic worth. Presumably, businesses are assessing staff according to their looks because appearance rather than substance is what they are mostly about.

Out of Hand

While there may be some justification for that — salesmanship is an important part of the success of any organization — it can get out of hand. In reality, concentrating only on appearances was how we ended up with companies such as Enron Corp. — it looked great, but there was nothing inside.

Lastly, all those men spending extra time on their personal grooming every morning, and being rewarded with extra pay, are likely to be self-obsessed not just in getting ready for the office, but when they get there as well.

We all know the type. They spend the whole day boasting about their achievements (often non-existent), taking credit for other people’s work, and schmoozing with the directors. They may be the ones who are getting the promotions. That doesn’t mean they are the best people to be running the business.

In short, fakery rules. If you want a pay increase, invest in a better haircut. That’s how things work in a business culture dominated by vanity and pretense.

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