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Say A Prayer: The Power Of One

Posted by myhealthexperts on January 21, 2009

christA lot of my clients have a hard time falling asleep. Or they all too often wake up, wrought with thoughts – never able to fully let go of the day and sink fully into the a deep, dark night of sleep. Who ever said black (the darkness) was evil? I love a good sleep! I suppose if we were nocturnal creatures we’d say the light (the sun) was evil.

What helps me fall asleep is to pray. Not because I’m religious, but because it works. I once wrote a poem:
I don’t believe in God, but I feel comfort when I pray.
I don’t believe in time, but I watch it take each day.
I don’t believe in love, but it moves my heart to cry
I don’t believe the answers, yes still I question, why?

The truth is next to simply doing slow breathing, nothing helps me to focus and let go better at night than a prayer. Now prayer is just a religious word for meditation. Doing one thing – from focusing on the breath, to saying the Rosary, can work wonders for the mind bogged down in stress, anxiety and depression.

As a child I was wired by family and church to pray – a lot. So my neurons strongly associate prayer with a comforting feeling. Prayer is after all, a focus of the mind. The mind focused on one thing is a powerful tool. This is why we all seek the One in most everything we do – think about it – gardening, fishing, sports, washing the dishes; you name it – when we are present and doing the ‘one’ we are more at peace then when our minds are racing around with endless ‘to do’ lists.

I often tell clients who ask me in troubled times – do one thing right now that can make you feel better. Sometimes instead of doing one thing trying to solve the problem – the best thing we can do is nothing. Yes, even better than 1, is 0 (zero) – do nothing and watch the problem dissolve. Why solve when you can dissolve! Look at how soft and yielding water is – yet it dissolved the rock to form the Grand Canyon!

There may be more reasons these days than insomnia to pray. Obama was inaugurated today. Many hope that he is the one to help us rise up to meet the challenge ahead. The economy is about to fall of the cliff. Bernie Madoff made off with countless billions of false prophets (oops I mean profits). He is the poster boy for the profit party of 2008. No we all have to suffer the hangover!

As a NY Times financial reporter noted, Bernie was really no different than what most other prophets on Wall street were doing. As he said, Madoff just cut out the middleman!

The year ahead will be extremely challenging, more than you may imagine. We need new tools to help us change and cope. Meditation (prayer in effect) is one such tool. It has changed my life. I realize that when I am alone in the dark woods at night, the words that break the silence are some of the strongest prayers possible.

The Power of One: one prayer, one leader, one moment, one person (you) being at one with all of creation. Pray long and hard for that!

Next: The Power of Zero!


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The Biggest Loser (In More Ways Than One)

Posted by myhealthexperts on January 8, 2009

is that 'you'?

Who is The Biggest Loser?

The hit TV show ‘The Biggest Loser” teams up people and has them in a boot camp style program of exercise and diet to lose weight. Once again in this matrix of deceit we’re not told the truth; that participants exercise for 3 to 4 hours a day and eat ridiculuosly low calorie diets. Plus they also have them losing water weight, often by dehydration. This is very unhealthy. The show is a real sham, read for yourself of the crazy antics done to lose weight, and how many of the participants gained weight back after the show. But thats what most people want – the quick fix.

I do love the title, as you may come to realize, this is a year of paradigm shifts. Losers will be the winners (ever hear of the ‘Sermon on the Mount? lol), people will do more by doing less, and some open minded individuals may even gain everything by giving everything up. The ‘in’ thing will be the ‘nothing’. Or maybe I am just surfing the zeitgeist too much again!

Back to losing. As in the TV show, one of the biggest thing people want to lose is fat. Its an interesting thing to think about; all the images that fat symbolizes. Unhealthy, unattractive, lazy, sloth (one of the 7 deadly sins), emotionally challenged (everyone knows over-eating is often an emotional issue), the list goes on and on. Bouncing from one cause and effect to the next, we’re like ping pong balls in an endless game. Feeling empty, we overeat (or over-work, drink, etc), then we feel fat or sick, so most reach for the quick fix – like a diet drug, or even a diet. Then the diet drug has side effects, so we take something else to deal with that. But then we realize one of the effects of all this was more weight gain – so we are back to square one. Its the same circle with any issue if you look deep enough.

Did you ever walk into the gym or somewhere else and feel fat (or unattractive)? Or feel that someone would judge or look at you and see how fat you were? What I find so funny is that at that very moment, someone WAS doing just that. They are your worst enemy. And who might that be? Why, YOU of course! Talk about sleeping with the enemy. More on that later.

Here are some practical tips on losing weight for the new year:
1) Eat Less. Exercise More. Sounds easy. But few can actually do it. Diet is really the key for losing weight, not exercise. For most people that means whole foods, lower carb (NO SUGAR), and healthy fats and proteins. Eat some protein with every meal.
2) Don’t skip meals: people who skip meals often lower their metabolism
3) Go back to 3 meals a day: All that 6 meal a day stuff I think is not good for our health. The GI tract needs time to be empty for us to detox. The only exception is post workout – have a recovery shake to build muscle.
4) Try Intermittent Fasting: This works wonders for many people. Ask me more and I will tell you how to do this.
5) Eat Organic: Researchers report that dieters with the most organochlorines (pollutants from pesticides, which are stored in fat cells) experience a greater than normal dip in metabolism as they lose weight, perhaps because the toxins interfere with the energy-burning process. Other research hints that pesticides can trigger weight gain. Always choose organic when buying peaches, apples, bell peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, lettuce, imported grapes, and pears; non-organic versions tend to have the highest levels of pesticides.
6) Sleep and Stress: Get a handle on these – sleep 8 hrs and get stress levels under control. Critical for weight loss.
7) Lift weights: Intense exercise like weightlifting increases insulin sensitivity, and this will help with long term weight loss.
8.) Exercise in a fasted state can increase fat burning.
9) Stay well hydrated.
10) Stop beating yourself up: The same self that got you into this problem is now beating you up for being there. Stop trusting your thoughts!

That little ‘you’ is the biggest loser – so lose it! Discover the bigger ‘YOU’ that is your source, your true self, and the key to happiness!

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Why I Believe in Santa Claus (And Why You Should Too!)

Posted by myhealthexperts on December 25, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho?

Ho, Ho, Ho?

After watching Dennis Leary’s “Merry F#@&* Christmas” Special I realized that I am not the only one burned out on the ‘season to be jolly’. There is a lot to be turned off by; the crowds, the gross and flagrant consumerism, the stress over the whole gift thing. Its a time when people are literally trampling over others in their attempts to get the next best deal. It’s not just the high and mighty on Wall Street who are trampling over their fellow man. Shoppers at Wal Mart trampled a man to death in a buying frenzy. I’m sure most of us have experienced the insanity – from the parking lot jostling to the long check out lines. From buying madness to Bernie Madoff the world often seems to spin out of control.

Then you have the secular issues, from scholars that deconstruct the myth of Jesus, to others who claim the overdone Christmas holiday undermines the celebration of their religious holiday. And with the economy heading further and further south, its hard for anyone, let alone an anarchistic atheist like myself to have Christmas Spirit. Until I was saved by Santa!

Sure, Santa, like Jesus (God) are conformity enforcers, “He knows if you’ve been bad or good…” where kids get presents for being good and adults get heaven. But lets not throw the baby out with the bath water, Santa, like Jesus, offers the open mind an invaluable insight on life that most never get.

So this is how I found my way back to believing in Santa:

Reason #1: Faith In Santa:
Forget about Jesus, lets look at an even more difficult guy to believe in: Santa Claus. Every adult knows Santa does not exist. And yet Santa Claus has in some small way made parents all over the world more compassionate and generous with their children. Even the gift giving among adults is in some way nurtured by the story of Santa.

Think about it – Santa is the symbol of compassionate giving. A man who flies around the entire world giving children gifts as a reward for them being good. In our hearts all humans yearn to be good, to do whats right, to act Noble. Children in particular want to be good, since often they have not yet been scarred by traumatic events that can twist their developing psyches. And Santa adds a measure of accountability to their self-awareness of being good. Children, like adults, often do better when they feel they are held accountable.

Santa does not just give his children gifts, he gives all children gifts. He is a compassionate giver – with no prejudice. He has an open heart, and his love flows freely. This is the real symbolism of Santa that everyone seems to forget. But the hope and possibility for all of us to wake up and realize the hidden power in these stories is given to us year after year.

I have faith in the Power Of Santa and his open heart. This is one reason why I believe in Santa.

Reason #2: ‘Santa’ Does Exist- Really!

The story of Santa is real, no matter whether a real man called Santa (or Kris Kringle) ever existed. And the story of Santa, we can all agree, is what we call an idea or “information”.

If the idea of Santa does exist, that’s as good as him really existing. Think about it for a second – all reality is what we call information. You are made of genes, units of biological information. Our brains and computers share and store information as well – ideas, facts, theories, etc. This entire world manifests from the ‘formless’ to ‘in form’ – hence the word information. Good ideas, like good genes, tend to get spread around. Santa, like God, seems to have been a good idea. Hence their popularity.

We store good ideas, facts, memories, stories, etc – in our minds. All reality is a story my mind creates for me. So Santa, like Jesus, and Einstein, all exist only in my mind. I never met Martin Luther King but he and his speech (“I have a dream…”) live in my mind and still continue to inspire me today. So Santa, like Einstein, does exist, where everything else exists – in our minds.

In Mel Gibsons “The Passion of the Christ” Jesus said “I am the Word” meaning of course, that it is the words (information) that are what matters, not the flesh.

Reason #3: Reality Is An Illusion We All Agree To:
After all, what is reality anyway? Nothin’ but a collective hunch” Lily Tomlin

My friend Howard Bloom devotes an entire chapter of his book, ‘Global Brain’ to explaining in detail that reality is a shared hallucination. Whats the difference between the information of Santa and his story, and Einstein and his story? My choice of whether I believe in them. And my choice is deterimed in large part by the collective choice of society. My reality tells me to say ‘No’ to Santa and ‘Yes’ to Einstein. But they are all information. The only thing separating good (yes) information from bad (no) information is how our minds choose to process them.

Information always comes from one place: energy. Energy is still a mystery to science. But its the fabric of reality – a reality that all great teachers from Jesus to Buddha to Einstein have said is an illusion. For example, when you touch someone, the energy from the atoms of their skin triggers energy in your body to travel up to your brain where you perceive touch. Its all just energy acting in both positive (attractive) and negative (repulsive) ways.

If I saw the “real” Santa, energy in the form of photons would hit my eye and send energy to my brain where the software program in the brain (a horribly outdated program I might add. You think Microsoft sucks?) would translate the information to me: “Flying Fat man on Sleigh, Red Outfit, White Beard – must be Santa Claus.” I then believe the story of Santa.

If I read a book on Santa, the photons send me the same message as above. If I am told the story of Santa by someone else – the energy in the sound waves hit my ears where a pulse of energy from my eardrum goes to my brain and once again, my software translates the information to me.

In the end its all information and if the information inspires us we act from it. From Santa and Jesus, to Einstein and MLK, it’s the information of each of these that inspires me to act. And after all, all information ends in it’s ability to inspire where you begin. Ultimately the choice to act from information is a personal one.

And I choose to act from the inspiration of Santa. Christmas is one of a million reminders to me that I can wake up to the real story of Santa and Jesus, and act from that awareness.

So Have a Merry Christmas All!

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Are You Dead or Alive?

Posted by myhealthexperts on March 31, 2008

Are You Dead or Alive?
Last Sunday was the most important day of the year for Christians who celebrate their belief that Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified & buried. According to them, he died so that they might live an eternal life with God. And, it’s reported, he rose from the dead to prove to them that they too can rise up after their death in life everlasting.
Jesus is often referred to as the ‘Light of the World’ (our very first notions of God were in fact derived from the sunlight). Light is seen as ‘good’ as opposed to darkness which is ‘bad’.

Do you realize the ‘Gravity’ of the situation?

In physics, light is an expansive force – it goes out in all directions. Both the Big Bang, and the Biblical “Let there be Light” refer to the same expansive force of light. Gravity is the opposite, it pulls everything together. As such it can be seen as the opposite of light – it is, ‘self-centered’, contractive, or even ‘dark’. (In fact ‘Dark Matter’ is what makes up most of the matter in the universe).So it’s little coincidence that Christians see human nature as inherently bad, or even ‘evil’. After all, like gravity, we too are self-centered. Indeed, the word ‘grave’ means both where we place the dead, but also ‘dark’. Jesus came out of the grave.Born-Again, And Again, And Again:

Easter is about the cycle of life and death. It’s once again, no coincidence that Easter marks the start of Spring – the dead of winter is over and the world can once again spring to life! That which is dead now lives, and can be referred to as ‘born-again’. Christians often refer to themselves as ‘born-again’ – to symbolize the belief that they are born of the spirit. I am an atheist (the word ‘God’ is like ‘Easter Bunny for Adults’ to me), but the words of the great cool dude Jesus are worth mentioning:

“Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot (SEE) that (which is beyond words)… The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit”

 So it can be said that until or unless one lives from that eternal source of inspiration, they are in essence dead, at least spiritually. Ironically most who claim to be born-again are anything but. Our president is one such example. Being born-again is a moment to moment choice. It’s not a one-time declaration or a baptism. It’s living in the eternal wow! that’s happening now, and now and so on. Living every moment through inspiration, literally being ‘born-again, and again, and again…’

I Robot, I Pod, I’m Dead? So are you dead or alive? My guess is dead. Let’s look at this:Science, and Hollywood also reflect our fascination with life and death. I won’t go into the tangent of how medicine profits off making you deathly sick and then profits even more keeping you amped out on life-support systems long after you’re dead. But those ‘prophets’ of health sure are profitable!

In the movie “I Robot” Will Smith deals with robots that are for all intents and purposes, alive. They are fully functioning individuals. Is a robot dead or alive? I think most would say robots, like computers, are dead – non-living things. The major difference between dead and alive is really one of semantics: life is any creature (robot) created by evolution, dead is any robot (creature) created by humans. But since humans are from evolution, so too is whatever they create! So in essence, robots can be just as alive as humans are. Or humans are just as dead as robots. Take your pick!

In the Matrix (that modern day story of Jesus played by Keanu Reeves) people were in fact ‘ I Pods’ – wrapped up in little pods while the supposedly ‘dead’ robots & machines fed of them by sucking the very life juices out of their bodies. The people were asleep, virtually dead to life but living in the virtual world of the illusory Matrix.

Take a deep breath because it gets even more interesting:

Science shows us that all life (including you) is extremely mechanistic (aka ‘robotic’). While they have not as yet created life, the mechanisms are well understood, and artificial intelligence “AI” makes leaps and bounds in its ability to think like humans do. Robots currently can function at the level of insects in that they can respond to the environment in much the same way. And AI computers can beat the best chess players at their game. Just like the deeper we probe into the atom the more empty space we find, the deeper we probe into the human mind, the more empty space we find as well. The truth is there is no one at home. The notion of ‘self’ and ‘free will’ evaporate like cool aid in the hot desert sun.

So once again, science and spirit are aligned, not opposed at the theologians and scientists tell you. In a mechanistic universe, human nature, that complex array of genetic and epigenetic algorithms, is like a highly developed ‘AI’ at best. And dark , dead humans are easy to figure out. So Thomas Malthus and Revelation are probably right, and we have front row seats for Armageddon! No, it’s not the movie starring Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck!

So spiritually we’re dead, and in a scientific sense we are biological robots and hence, dead as well.

Call 911: I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

So now that you’re dead, how do you wake up? How to come alive? And what the hell does this have to do with working out and eating healthy? It has everything to do with everything.I realize after talking with some of my clients, that many could read the words of the ‘ABC’ Program I discussed last week, but they did not get it. I am trying to share an understanding that goes beyond words, but it’s tough because words are all we have currently.Jesus, like Buddha and Lao-Tzu were a few human beings that were truly alive. But as expected on the planet of the apes; we made them into Gods – an insult to what they lived for. Blasphemy even. But what do you expect from dead robotic apes? lol

Inspiration: To Breathe In

(Interesting how the word inspiration means both to breathe in and to be ‘in spirit’. Also note that scientifically proven is the fact that with each breath you literally can share some of the same atoms that were once part of the body of Jesus or the Buddha) What can we do now to wake up and be truly alive? Start by becoming aware of your breath. I have told some clients “with every breath, life or death?” – meaning with each breath we get to choose – are we dead (normal) or alive (awake and present fully in the now)? It’s a small start, so don’t expect to walk on water yet! But baby steps are the best most of us ‘children’ can aspire to now!We all have some form of addiction – sex, food, running, working out, alcohol, cigarettes, working, sleeping – to be human is to have addictions.

The next time you indulge, and its ok, don’t feel you have to stop. Just feel. Feel into your body as you indulge – listen for the innate intelligence inside you as you allow the energy of this addictive substance to penetrate your being.It may surprise you what becomes apparent for you to see when you do…

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Happiness & Freedom is as easy as ‘ABC’…

Posted by myhealthexperts on March 16, 2008

Bottom Line: Be fully present in each and every moment. Simple and easy, eh? Then why can you NOT do it? Or do you lie to yourself and say you can?  Read on if you realize the truth:

The “A,B,See” Program for Instant Happiness:

I recently shared one of my programs with a few clients and they seemed to like it, so I will attempt to share it with you too. I will do the ‘KISS’ method, because after all, we’re all agents of that last ‘S’!

a) Humans, like bacteria (and all life forms) are moved or motivated by impulses. Impulses are thoughts, feelings, and reactions – in essence an electrical signal from the brain to our bodies.

b) At our core, the governing impulse is that we all want to feel happy, content, satisfied, etc. Let’s call all of this just one word – happy. So all humans strive to be happy. Even when we’re happy, we can strive to be ‘happier’.

For example, you get a promotion at work. You’re happy. But now you work even harder in expectation that you will get an even better promotion (and raise) next year, which will make you ‘more happy’.

c) ABC: We can see that all life forms, including humans, are moving through time in an “ABC” fashion. We are in state ‘A’, and we have an impulse to act (‘B’) in order that we can arrive at the happier state ‘C’. So we are always looking into the future (‘C’) for our sense of fulfillment and freedom.

For example, you have a job (A), you plan or expect to work hard (B) in order to get a promotion (C). Or; you are hungry (A), you reach for food (B) and feel better at having satisfied your hunger (C).

d) Once you arrive at state ‘C’ you go back very quickly to state ‘A’ automatically (does anyone not see that?). For the learning impaired (not you of course), allow me to explain: once you get the promotion at work (C) you then go back to state ‘A’, ie. feeling incomplete and needing to do something else, in this case working harder (B), in order to get more money and recognition next year (C).

Or after you eat (C), you then realize you are thirsty (A), and need to drink (B) in order to quench your thirst (C). It doesn’t get any simpler than that. We go through life chasing after what we yearn for in a continuous cycle.

e) Make ‘ABC’ into “ABSee” – Once you see that all life follows this pattern, you can exercise that so called ‘free will’ we humans have, and simply choose to stop living in ‘A’ and live in a new version of state ‘C’, what I call state ‘SEE’, where in essence, you see that you CAN choose to live in that awareness that life is always complete and whole. And ‘C’ is after all that temporary feeling of completion, or wholeness, of happiness (call it what you want).

In essence the brief sense of fulfillment you feel is but a glimpse, a fraction of, that ultimate fulfillment your heart yearns for. The sense of freedom you feel in ‘C’ is but a glimpse of a deeper Freedom that exists in every moment. We’ve all had the ability to see, to touch, taste or hear moments in time that are but small reflections of the Divine Freedom and wholeness of which we are at All Times. But the yearning of the body, that keeps us in state ‘A’ to feed its desires, stops us from the learning state ‘SEE’ holds for us. How many yearnings do you need to chase before you say ‘and then?’ and realize their never-ending cycle? See through the yearning into a deeper learning.

f) Put another way, state ‘A’ is your monkey brain, that part of you commonly known as self. State ‘SEE’ where you can consciously choose to live from,  is commonly referred to as free will, your spiritual dimension, living through the light, God etc, etc, etc. The thoughts telling you I do not make sense and that this is silly, see it! Because that’s your monkey brain. Say hello to it, because to be human means to live from the monkey brains! lol

I think I’ve planted enough “SEEds” for today, I will let you figure the rest out on your own. Either way, I hope you realize you can choose state ‘SEE’ at any time! You can eat, work, etc without any need to be attached to the outcome. It will not stop you from working hard, but it will help you to live a life free of worry and of fear. No, you won’t give up the will to live, in fact you will truly start living for the first time in your life. Because now you are not living, you are simply reacting.  Reacting to the world of cause and effect.  You’re dead to that other world of living moment to moment in the presence of Happiness and Freedom (call it what you want). The choice is always yours.

The Master’s power is like this:
He lets all things come and go
effortlessley, without desire.
He never expects results;
thus he is never disappointed.
He is never disappointed
thus his spirit never grows old.

Tao te Ching

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The Power of Now

Posted by myhealthexperts on January 14, 2008

Summary: Nothing can give you more rewards in life than to “practice presence” – to be fully conscious in each and every moment.

There is a knowledge that is beyond words, and words are the only mode of communication to get you to understand the ‘knowing’ that is beyond words. Osho said “The Truth cannot be said”, and when you understand the Truth, you realize there is only One  – One Truth, One God, etc – all, poor words to describe that which is beyond words. Beyond thinking.

Ironically the Truth is so simple, every human being is born with the ability to choose it.  Choosing Truth (God, whatever word you wish to use) is a moment to moment choice each of us makes. Its the Power of Now. It only requires that we wake up, come aware of the present. For in the present is a PRESENCE, I cannot put it in words, for you become aware of it only when the mind has been stilled (“Be still, and know that I am God“) – but it is there and its that timeless, eternal awareness of, well, to wrap it in feel good language – its the presence of God.

Practice Presence and your life will change in ways you can not even imagine now!

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Born Again My Ass!

Posted by myhealthexperts on January 13, 2008

Summary: Awareness, Being, or being ‘born again’ is a moment to moment choice that each of us make every moment whether we realize it or not. And by default, when we dont choose, the choice is darkness, or the Dark Side (even it appears as good!).

I have to laugh at “President” Bush claiming he is born again. Perhaps he was at the time of the interview, but he is so obviously lost again, and again, and again. And if he was born again, please – no more! Once is enough as the earth can only support one despotic president! But I digress, all these so called born agains – you can tell who is really living in the light. He or she is not thumping any bible nor telling you how wrong you are. These are the dark side born agains and its so obvious their passion comes not from Love, but from fear. And as Yoda said, “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred, and hatred leads to the darkside.”

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Happy New Year?

Posted by myhealthexperts on January 13, 2008

Do you ever stop to wonder why people say “Happy New Year” or “Happy Birthday”?
It is a so called special time when you are wishing someone happiness, no harm
in that. But in that happiness that is predicated on a special time, the
opposite is ALWAYS there as well. For with Up comes Down, and with Happiness
comes Unhappiness.

What I wish for you is a ‘happiness’ to use the word, a Joy – that is beyond
words, an awareness not predicated on any special time or experience that
produces in you a transient feeling of happiness.

I wish for you “Happy Nothing” – the happiness that exists independent of any
external circumstances or events, a happiness in “No Thing (nothing)” that is
timeless and eternal. That is what I wish for you.

Recommended Books: Happy For No Reason, Stumbling on Happiness, The Secret of Letting Go

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